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[CLOSED] WANTED laptop batteries GEELONG
hi i wanted a heap of laptop or cordless devices that i can harvest the 18650s out of for a new power wall. i currently have a hybrid system 48v and want to have a crack at making a power wall. i can come and pick them up if in geelong or western sub during the day just leave message of address and leave out the front and i can collect.
thanks dave
I have thousands right now. What country you in?
I am amazed no one else has replied...tons of Aussies here.
so am i
you wanting to buy by the pound or pack and how many you need? Everyone is staying anyway from you, you got coodies?
where are you located though? i think i may have cooties that has 2 heads and breeding. wanted a heap. wanted to make 500Ahr/48v.
have a LG Chem 10kw so starting with making same size and do a compare
there might be some local to you soon.. I don't know many bulk lots for sale at the moment unfortunately
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I have a name and contact number supplied to me of a battery recycler in dandenong, if ur interested, no idea if he could or would be Willing to assist u, I contacted a ewaste company, and with out making sure to tell them I was in Brisbane, I didn't realise they were in Vic, she replied with her "local" contact lol
I'm in TN, US. Shipping to you might be crazy. I have over 4K cells at the moment so if you can't find anything else let me know and we can work it out. I'll find a reasonable bulk freight shipper.

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