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Hi from michigan
In a place where everyone cares about the next new gas-guzzling vehicle from ford or chevy, I have other plans.

I recently went to a scrapyard (detroit has tons of them) and paid $1.25 a pound for 104lbs of laptop batteries. I built a 10S10P 36v 25AH ebike pack using only the very best cells and it works great. I have been riding it to and from work every day.

On a side note, is $1.25 a pound a good price? Also, what other places have you guys gotten cells from? I also asked computer repair stores but they only had a couple and it wasn't worth my time to get them. Computer recycling centers and scrapyards on the other hand had dozens of them and again, I could buy as many as I wanted at this particular yard for $1.25 a pound.

Thanks for creating this forum pete and I hope it gives us all a place to collaborate.

PS: I have found the most effective way to open up laptop batteries in under a minute per battery is to bang them on the ground like a monkey until the seams open and I can split them apart. I don't have to worry about the cells being damaged because the plastic casing takes all the blow.
Hey, welcome - I also give em a sharp wack ....hehe works a treat
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