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ATmega328P based Spotwlder for 18650
Hi All,

Just completed a project to control Weld time when welding 18650 cells. Wish to know if anyone has a design for electrode holder.

The built of the pcb and details ishere

The PCB was designed to switch on the MOT via a TRIAC at the peak of the Sine-wave and not at the zero cross as the load here, a MOT is highly inductive.

Features include:

1. Surge Protection
2. Inbuilt Power Supply
3. Dual Pulse Welding
4. Dual Surge protection
5. Thermal fuse at the secondary
6. Zero Cross Peak detection
7. Variable timed pulse (indicated by LED from 100ms to 450ms)
8. Dual function
Manual Weld and Continuous Weld (upon holding weld button for more than 800ms)
9. TVS protection diode at the dc side
10. Snubber Circuit
11. TRIAC to control AC load
12. Audible Weld alert

At the press of the weld button, two weld is done. The first weld is the pre-weld that prepares the strip to be welded to the cell by burning off any impurities and the second weld happens after a delay of 500ms. This weld joins the strip with the cell. Holding down the weld button initiates a 6 weld sequence with 2 seconds delay between welds.
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SOoo your first post was to sell your stuff... not cool...

Edit post to add more detail and remove links for now... or i'll delete (even tho it seems to be a good idea)

Edit : I fixed it
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Could this become the place to mention the other very similar such welders that are available ?

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