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[CLOSED] Border Run for Ebay Samsung/LG FOR CANADIANS
Just looking at doing a border run for these:

I guess depending on response, we could get a large shipment for redistribution in Canada. here:

I don't need to make money on these, just cover some of my time and gas.

Would any one be interested? 
I wouldn't know the final costs (duty and taxes, storage facility costs) until I bring them over. but I would suspect it around double the cost (in CDN).
My estimate:
$249.99USD X 1.4 exchange = 349.99 *1.19 (duty/taxes) = 416.48 + 50 gas + $20 storage fee (where I would pick them up) = 486.48 or $2.43/cell + what ever shipping costs from Winnipeg are.
It would be like 300$CA with the current exchange rate of 0.8$CA for 1$CA. Would've been interested I'd you were in Quebec or Ontario, but shipping costs would kill me from Winnipeg.
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!

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