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I'm from Australia, and have been considering the cost benefit of a Power Wall for a while.  Essentially shelved the idea, as the cost for a commercial unit was not economical...Then I came across the DIY Power Wall You tube clip....and now I believe the economics are there..  For me, I'm not doing it super cheap, so looking at $2-3KAud  for around a 10kva. system.

I suppose a group like this is good as we start to improve the end product, ensuring that it's economical, technically sound, aesthetically pleasing and of course safe.

Ill be starting a thread on my build, and listing what is being purchase, cost, and where it was purchased...and of course justify the rationale behind the decision.  I'm no shrinking violet, so if you think the ideas are rubbish, let me know.

This project is about getting a good quality functional product.


Tony H.
Welcome buddy,

Can't wait to see how you solve your own energy solution Smile 

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