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[CLOSED] Lightly Used Tracer 4210 40A MPPT Charge Controller 12/24v
I bought this charge controller in the very beginning when I was just playing around with 2 car batteries. It was purchased brand new in July 2015 for $210. I used it for a few hours with the lead acid batteries then put it in storage. It was taken out of storage when I started messing with Lithium and used with my 18650s for what I would guess was a month before I purchased a proper lithium controller. This controller is for sealed lead acid, gel, or flooded batteries, not lithium. I no longer have a use for it and am looking to sell.

Please make an offer. Shipping to the United States is $13 for Priority Mail. International shipping is available if you're willing to pay, but in my experience, is very expensive.

Instruction Manual:

Electrical Parameters
Model Tracer-2210RN Tracer-4210RN
Nominal system
12V/24V Auto Recognition
Rated Battery Current 20A 40A
Rated Load Current 20A 20A
Max. Battery Voltage 32V
Max Solar Input
100 VDC @ Minimum Working Temperature
92 VDC @ 25°C
Max. Solar Input Power 12V @ 200W 12V @ 400W
24V @ 400W 24V @ 800W
Self-Consumption ≤10mA(24V)
Temp. Compensation -5mV/°C/2V
Communication TTL232 / 8pin RJ45
Threshold Voltage NTTV (Night Time Threshold Voltage): 5V @ 12V; x2/24V
DTTV (Day Time Threshold Voltage): 6V @ 12V; x2/24V
Last call for this. If there's no interest by next week, I'll list on eBay.

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