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Nex's build
Ok, so I have just realised that my update post has possibly caused some confusion. I have started building the first pack. Because these are constructed using 2900mah cells, but only charging to 4.1V (and discharged to 3.4V), I have a useful 2500mah per cell. 40 of those gives me 100AH useable per pack. I got a 3U enclosure 19" case from ebay for £25 (new), and have had a play with seeing what fits. If I had got a server case, then I could have got 14 clusters in one case, however, this case only takes 6, so will be a 24V (22.2V nominal) set up. The voltage range will be 24.6V down to 20.4V. This is quite handy, in so much as the 6S battery balancer that aliexpress sell for about £8 works really well. I did have it set on a 150AH battery pack, so one balancer per 100AH box should be simple. Inverters will be the MPP solar 4024, which can now be paralleled for 6 units, so a maximum output of 24KW ?!, although, on the boat, 4KW is going to be easily enough, but will have 2 just for redundancy. The packs will now be fused with a pair of resetable MCB's, rated at 50 amps per side (20 cells per side, each putting out 2.5A maximum). A pair of the 19" units will then power one inverter at full power, as at 24V, the inverter requires nearly 200 amps to put out 4KW.


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