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[CLOSED] laptop and tablet battery's. Whats the rate?
Big Grin 
******************************Final update they researched and mow their piece in 3$ per lb and im not paying that for unknown cells**********************************

Hey guys
 Im new here unsure if i did this right but if not please let me know.

I have about 300lbs of laptop battery's and i have a very good source for them. I work for a company that get them passing through and i have the ability to stop them but unsure what they may be worth for you guys to stop them. 

what is the highest per pound that you would pay? 
They are asking 1.75/LB if you get 300lbs and if they are avaliable. they will not sell at that price lower they said if you want less they want $4per lb thats crazy.
Right now im not getting anything to pass or package these for shipping but it would be nice to get a Bonus Tip  Big Grin Tongue Just saying... Trades or care boxes are awesome BTW..

Typically from what i have bought its 8-9 cells per pack with approx 10% bad. 
Most my packs have been cargo falloff so i got them for free. but i can stop them for the refreshers buyout
Most of the packs have battery indicators on them and so far 2 of 10 may not light more or less

also the same for poly lithium flat packs 

most LIPO packs are from I phones and androids some tablets some from drones. Most phone battery's come from good working phones

I just found you guys or i would have posted alot sooner.
I use most of mine for drones and Rc stuff. but now looking for a power wall lol.

BTW i live in Oklahoma  for anyone else that may be near or eve in my state that may wanna talk local

I have started to test ad will be selling pre tested on optus charger at 1000ma also wit the ohm readings setting whats a good price and for what ranges  i dont want to be over charging you guys. Im very new at this so sorry about the questions i started this for drone battery's and you all have sucked me in to power-walls. now im looking at replacing my 26 yellotop optima battery's on my 10k solar setup LOL.
the Packs that I get locally are either free or $1 a pack
******Hi My name is Jason and I have SOCD (Solar Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)*******
Current Powerwall - 1400 Cells 7s200p (modular 40p packs) ~ 12kWh of storage     4x 315W Canadian Solar Panels

Working on the next 7s40p packs     ~2.5kWh

Waiting on 2000 Cells of unused Sony vt4 (2000mah 30A) ~ 15kWh      hehehehehe  More Power
I have a bit of a trade off going with my local guy, I take as many packs as I want, or can fit in my storage boxes at home, I dismantle the packs, carefully seperating the clean nickel strips into 1 pile\container, all the pcb's and not so clean nickel and everything else, except the plastic casing into another pile\container, I discard the plastic caseings in my weekly garbage collections,  he then gets back everything else, sorted like that...... I then test the cells, any that are dead or not up to scratch I discard those, and he gets them back as well, where he processes them to extract the individual metals.... So in essence, for a little bit of care around sort materials when dismantling the packs, I get the cells for free. Which is awesome for me cause my financial officer is a really tight ass lol
lol Mi financial officer is the same at times but its probly for the better =P
My first sample was 23lbs @ $2.20/lb from a local scrap metal recycler.... they paid $0.35/lb for them but I got to cherry pick threw them. Most were 6 cell batteries and fairly old 2200mahish and a hand full 2600mah. I haven't tested them since my test equipment is still coming from china. I get about 9 cells per lb easy math is $0.244/cell, full cost vs total cells comes out to $53.64 and I got 195 total cells for a real life value of $0.2751/cell.

That's about the max I'd ever pay since a fair few will be complete trash, and the rest have to be tested to weed out ones with low capacity, high internal resistance, self discharge etc. I'm thinking about paying $0.50-$1/lb locally since I'm not aware of any other recyclers in the area paying for them.

As for resell value of tested cells, it seems to run $0.75-$2 per cell depending on a lot of factors and such (sourced off ebay's completed listings). Personally I'd rather process them myself since I more or less have the time and lack the fund side of things.

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