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Sony US18650GR (G8) Cell Specifications
Warning: The information in this thread was obtained from various sources on the Internet, including any datasheets linked below, and is provided for reference only. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. To prevent fire or personal injury, never charge or discharge a cell before verifying the information yourself using the original specifications sheet provided by the manufacturer.

Model:US18650GR (G8)
Capacity:2600mAh Rated
Voltage:3.70V Nominal
Charging:4.20V Maximum
1000mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Discharging:2.75V Cutoff
520mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Description:Green Cell Wrapper
Black Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Data References:
None. Please submit one!

US18650DR G8 photos

A warning for anyone that comes across these cells.  
I have tested many of them from various different manufactured laptop packs from a range of different years but the result is alays the same.  On the initial capacity test cycle they are showing nice # in the 1900+ range but on each capacity test cycle after that they drop by 100-200+ mAh per cycle.  I cant see these being suitable for a power wall project.

I have only done up to 4 test cycles so I cant confirm whether or not the capacity reaches 0 mAh after 10-20 cycles or if it levels out at some point.
I pulled these out of a 2s3p HP HSTNN-OB41 pack that was rated 55 Wh at 7.2V nominal.

That indicates only 2.18Ah per cell at the 8.4V max, I am not sure the 2.6Ah rating is true..
Got 8 liberated recently, all tested over 2400mAh on 1A discharge. Will try a few cycles to check for the reported capacity loss and report back.
OK, so I tested 3 cells a second time and while all of them had reduced capacity, it was just 20-30mAh less, believe it was due to a bit colder room temperature. So I guess my G8s seem to be working fine...
I have only charge current for all sony li-ion cells:

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