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External limiting an GTIL2 SUN-1000G2 with raspberry
(10-03-2017, 07:41 AM)daromer Wrote: Tocan: Ah ok. No idea which one of the groups are the genuine. I have talked to some one there that said was the management before and they told that they would think about adding the controll point of the feed back to the rs232 as well and not just the pot or the display settings

i did have in the morning in whats app a contact with the manager....

he is in vacation but we have some good talk...

He write the following:  You can't control the current from RS232. You can control it by LCD

The Philipines group did request to make the internal limiter for them because they think that for this is there a big market. Ok so their technichian did realize it.
The prize calculation i beleave is so that at philipines the RPI have to be after 1-2 years in this area because than there is a motivation to buy and install.

I can open the chinese protocol for our discussion here but its not set under CC-BY-SA license.

And he told me that they did not make the Firmware and that it was done by another company!  But in general he find the idea to work together for a monitor plattform sexy... 

And if true than its a good idea and better place the sourceforge plattform than the git only... GPL code and if you think to make it comercial than MIT licence.
Ahh manager needs VPN to break the big firewall and allways his vpn connections are blocked. He use now my private VPNgate in canada and this can not be blocked by the big firewall. Chinese did try it but they let us in peace....

If interest why nd how its a half hour video in english:

Attachment official RSS protocol in chinese language (needs to be translate with google to english)

Attached Files
.pdf   Modbus RTU Protocol 宁波德业V100.pdf (Size: 1.86 MB / Downloads: 520)
Im personally only interested in the feedback parameter. Thats what held me back getting a unit Smile
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Maybe the LCD is serial driven an I can decode the messageS, then we are in :-)

Modbus/rtu pdf is great.

now i would need a picture of the connector
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(10-03-2017, 05:20 PM)dakoal Wrote: Maybe the LCD is serial driven an I can decode the messageS, then we are in :-)

Modbus/rtu pdf is great.

now i would need a picture of the connector

See i guess this is the company and their engeneers did make the modbus and serial. the manager does not understand what is serial. And my first thinking was the same like yours when i saw their definitions. I think we should start a bit with translations and make with grafana a first view... the definitions are there and why should they make so much definitions and start a iot platform if they do not plan to use the definitions...

you can follow in the philipines group documentation where they have grabed a lot of papers also the changelog of the different firmware.

Why an engeneer should make the display more difficult and not use the modbus for this? I do not have a reason.

For the management is important just the sales. And as they understand that we help their sales i hope for more support.

Maybee you understand now my strategy... a good video will help them and additional it brings a lot of attention for the diy forum....

Electronicly i am more a very early starter... i understand only what is important for you to go on.... I did not understand yours 2 videos without more info, but i thing the others here understand them well...
I have a Battery
The GTIL2 is connected to this battery, and to the grid.

His "normal" function is to measure the powerflow from the grid to the house with the help of the blue clamp sensor and try to zero it with power from the battery.

If you have to phases in your house, you need 2 GTIL, if you have 3 phase (Austria, Germany ...) , you need 3 Inverters to zero out every phase.

With the modification I did, I can tell the GTIL how much power to feed into the grid on his one phase.
So I can feed the power consumption of all three phases to te grid and the meter stops.
Up to 950 Watts this works with a SUN1000 Gen2 without any problem.

First Video was showing "Pot" Mode, where you can mount a knob on the housing of the inverter and can set 0 to 100% power.
Second video shows the possibility to feed an external voltage (0-1,6V), for example produced with PWM from an Arduino or Raspberry to this pot port and also controll 0-100% power.

Is it now better understanding?

Have a great day
Some time ago I released an Arduino lib for an Analog Device Pot :
I case this may help some of you
I did open my GTIL for a first view and did make a first video to cut it later together. Maybee the experts can help me to identify the processors or parts and special if the chinese take good quality... You can give me some comments in youtube, with this i plan than to make and cut a good video together with description in my blog. Thanks for comments in you tube and yours findings... Chinese will see it and as more we find out as  more Infos i hope they give us.:

I will reply here, as soon I got my UART-USB Converter to test the Serial connection.
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(10-05-2017, 11:28 AM)dakoal Wrote: I will reply here, as soon I got my UART-USB Converter to test the Serial connection.

If you set in youtube your video under creative commons license as i did for mine than we can mix and remix our findings to a video... also it can be translat because of audio mixing easy to other languages... my problem was i could not identify the used parts and can not say its a good design or not... i saw only that the work is not so good as in my former epsolar units...
Good news for Modbus RS485

Today i did phone with the developer in China and he will help us...

After Phone he did write me this:

"OK, I known. The protocol is written by me.
Because my poor english, I will ask someone to translate the protocol."

For culture understanding: Its very unusual that in china say something like this. He did excuse indirect not to make a translation. So guys let be fair... i gues the make us a cheap price for ther Wifi products and as far i see we should work hand in hand... Their main business are not this kind of dongles but to make a dongle yourself with esp8266 is not much more cheaper if you set the cost of a case in comparison so i think to honor a bit their work we can go there at a later point and buy directely there. And i guess as long we are here in developement the price as far i did understand is 25 $ more cheap than the official prices i saw in facebook... so it can be a win win situation for both sides...

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