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External limiting an GTIL2 SUN-1000G2 with raspberry
Is there any news on this topic? Would be very useful to be Able to control the GTIL2 externally.

Your going to want to contact the guy with the handle " Madness " , he has done pcbs and further code to handle all sorts of OGI's... i purchased some off him years ago, and have worked flawlessly..

He can also be contacted through " anotherpower " forums..
I think it works !!!!
(02-13-2020, 01:49 AM)OW1000 Wrote: Is there any news on this topic? Would be very useful to be Able to control the GTIL2 externally.

I have put together my diy limiter design and am waiting for the boards to come in from China:

It has two comms ports that can be configured for TTL UART, RS232 or RS422/485 in either half or full duplex.

The idea is that one port will be for control (I'll probably use modbus protocol) and the other for monitoring only / software updating.
It also has a relay allowing the GTIL it to be disconnected from the mains when not in use to save power.

There is also a spare output that could theoretically be used to control an external contactor to disconnect the DC for the same reason.

It's a fully external unit, i.e. no modifications required to the GTIL inverter (in theory, if it works Smile )
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Hi everyone, I am Giorgio and I am writing to you from Italy. I found this discussion because I am building a photovoltaic system with a 10kwh storage battery in my home. since I cannot feed electricity into the grid but I have to self-consume it in my home, I found the 2000watt GTIl2 inverter that would be perfect for my use. but there is a problem, I installed the inverter in the garage which is 75 meters away from the house and from the main electrical line where I should install the sensor clamp, so I am looking for a system to extend the measurement signal from the clamp to the 75 meters. what device can i use? I read that some of you worked on it but I don't know who to ask to buy it. can you help me ? thanks a lot to everyone.

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