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My adventures
Today I finished the casing of my mobile battery box.

And then I wanted to spray paint it.

Arriving at the last side: can empty...

Tomorrow morning I'll go the hobby shop and buy a new can Smile

And after painting I'll post the pictures
The mobile battery box is ready. I'm a bit ashamed of the poor finishing quality, so I wont post any pictures. 

But I'm so very happy to say that it works like a charm. I'm so happy my first experiment with 18650 batteries works Smile

Yesterday my alligator clips came in, today I made my charging wires for the lipo cells I have.

And I just hooked my first five pouch cells on the charger board Smile

So I started capacity testing my pouch cells too. I plan on making a pack with the lipo's too, but only use it as a spare pack in case of emergency. 

Unless someone says it doesn't matter mixing a lipo pack with a 18650 pack...
It doesn't matter mixing pouches with 18650s!

And I say something else: Nothing to be ashamed of, we demand pictures Big Grin
[diy Wrote:wpajgd[/diy]  DarkRaven pid='20861' dateline='1512505436']It doesn't matter mixing pouches with 18650s!

And I say something else: Nothing to be ashamed of, we demand pictures Big Grin
Oh well. One or two rough edges, but nothing to worry about Smile
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meh, a little wood epoxy on the rough edges, smoothed out, and pained. Wouldn't even know it was rough Wink
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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I don't mind about the rough edges, I'm more talking about the panel meters not hanging perfectly straight, the planks of the box not being perfectly straight, the on off switch glued in...

It's just that I'm reasonably limited in my tools and I have to be creative to make something. So I'm quite proud with the limited tool availability, I still pulled it off....

Thanks guys for the uplifting critique Smile
"One or two rough edges" is a figure of speech, it is not about the actual edges of the box Smile
It means, yes, there are issues, but it isn't that bad. Especially if you only have limited tools available then this is a good job. You have to work with what you've got.

What's the circular hole under the meters for?
If you look good you can see a cpu fan behind it. I installed it so that if i power up, it starts blowing air on the battery to cool it
In the mean time I've been working on the electrical schematic of the off grid setup I have in mind. I add a picture of it in attachment. The inverter override switch is an extra safety I want to build in, so that in case of inverter failure, I can bypass the inverter and provide the house with electricity directly from the generator. If you guys have feedback on the schematic, feel free to shoot Smile

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