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In Florida, USA, it is Illegal to be disconnected from the grid....
(07-28-2019, 06:17 PM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: @ Ibiza, you meant "polite state" i guess.
I almost got a ticket for polluting surface water.
Here is the deal.
I have a canal on the border of my land, dead at one side.
I put a pump in it for my irrigation system. Water was pumped on my crops and was going back thru the ground.
Simple, right? rain water follows the same path, ticket was 5000 euro, i got off with a warning.
Now that pump is hidden and pumps at 2 am.
I dump my waste water of the filter(from my pond) into the canal, i had to prove that my water was in better condition(healthier) than the water in the canal, i won...
Now the roberment(also the lower ones) is/are keeping a eye on me, somehow i still manage to obey the law and be self supporting.(somehow....yah right, read learn &obey: overcome improvise and adapt Angel )
Biodiesel is out of the question, but i drove some happy miles, so now i go electric....
my tobacco, wine, veggies are very good.
But this is way off topic, sorry

yes, you are right. I made a mistake typing . sorry!
New solar panel tax :
If you can't quantify how much they cost, it's a deal, I'll buy 5 of them for 3 lumps of rocking horse ......
I bet every country has some strange laws.
If you want complicated taxation:

We have another one involving cake and biscuits (cookies for you folks over there)...
Current system: 9.6kWh wet Nicad batteries, 16S1P Calb LiFePo4 210aH, Batrium WM4, Outback vfx3048 inverter, mx60 mppt controller, flexware 500 mounting hardware, 2.4kW solar array, 6kW lister diesel genset. MY'13 Vauxhall Ampera

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