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[CLOSED] [SELLING] 18650 cells - over 300
selling my less desirable cells and thought i would offer them here before going on ebay. these are all either zero volts (not open cid), low voltage (from 0.1v to 1.5v), cells that got to 50c during charging, cells that dropped below 4.1 volts after two weeks, and finally cells that just tested below 1500mAh. 
priced at?
best offer? i was thinking heaters, self dischargers, low voltage and below 1000mah US $0.20 each, 1000mah - 1199mah  $0.35 each, 1200mah - 1499mah $0.50 each. the dead cells are free as long as you agree to dispose/recycle properly. shipping and handling is of course extra in all cases.

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