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Hi Everyone
Still have not started testing, but have over 1600 cells extracted now. I have nearly finished extracting all my cells, but there are more on the way.
I have not had much time recently so progress has been slow.
I have lost track a little, but I think there are about 1950 extracter cells now.
I can also get more batteries to extract, so I will concentrate on that while the source of batteries is there.
I have started on consistency testing of one of the zb206 testers and the results look good.
I am a big fan of the degradation testing performed by "generic" here so I have started doing something similar.
Generic has done many cycles and compared capacity loss of different types of cells.
I am doing something similar.
My test is with 2 cells that are the same type and came from the same recycled battery.
All cells in that battery had normal voltages when extracted.
I am using a single tp4056 and single zb206 for consistency.
So far almost 40 tests have been completed on these cells (20 cycles on each cell).
So far I have not seen any noticeable drop in capacity or change in IR.
What I have noticed is that capacity results seem to be lower when ambient temperature is lower. I might make another post in the testing section of the forum to discuss this.
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I have stopped on the cycle testing of the 2 cells. I did not see any degradation in the tests that I did.
I might pick it up again later, but for now I am wanting to get a powerwall going!
I have about 3000 cells, but still a few hundred to extract from packs. I have 21 tp4056 set up and have started charging cells for self discharge testing.
There are 350 charged at the moment set aside to wait for a month and I am adding to them as fast as possible.
I also have purchased enough 4x5 cell holders for 1500 cells.
I have also purchased 18 x 250w as well as 11 x 195w solar panels for next to nothing.
There are also some more cells arriving soon...
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Thanks for the update! I've just finished 800 cycles, and the LG cell I have is still going great! I think data sheets are really conservative, I think these cells can handle a thousand or more cycles as long as they are monitored fairly closely (unlike the stress a laptop pack would go through). I can't wait to see your finished powerwall!
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Check out my long-term capacity test of 18650s:
Thanks for the confirmation the the LG cell you are testing looks good. That is reassuring for my project!
Another approx 1600 cells have arrived, but need a fair amount of work to extract them.
I have 742 cells charged and waiting and still adding to them asap. I should be able to get another 14 chargers setup soon too.
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