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[CLOSED] Medical Packs with 18650's

These are the packs I used to populate my Powerwall Project.  99% of my cells came from these packs.  I currently have 49 extra 12 cell packs and 3 extra 24 cell packs.  

I'm not looking to get rich off these packs however, I'm asking a fair price for them.   Just like with Laptop battery packs these packs do produce some duds.  I cannot guarantee that these packs will produce only usable cells, but like I said 99% of my build came from these packs. 

You need a #10 security star bit to unscrew the screws, from there it is fairly easy to get into the packs.

I'm offering these to people within the US Only and will ship out no more than 17 at a time in a single large USPS flat rate box.  If you want more than 17 they will have to go into another large flat rate box.    

If you are interested in these packs please PM me or you can PM on FB via the DIYPowerwalls private group.   Sorry, for some reason when I drop the pics in here they are all sideways.....not sure why. 


Terry Texas

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