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Hey from Nottingham, UK
Just wanted to say Hi,

I've been a silent observer other than an early question on the facebook group since the start of November and I've learned a lot. 
I've watched every video Peter Matthews, Paul Kennett, Jehu Garcia and Nerdville have created as well as a few others I can't remember to reference now.

I'm really grateful for all of the information out there, and I've learned enough to start building my own packs.

I'm starting with a 14S 24P system, following a slightly modified version of Paul Kennett's small blocks design.
My intention is to convert a large van into a camper over the next few months with enough roof space for 6 Solar Panels.

I'm a Photographer/ Videographer, so I came across this whilst trying to find a solution to using my equipment and enabling me to be able to work from anywhere easily. Based on my current power usage preparing for this I should be able to run with no solar for approximately 40 hours; then with solar in theory indefinitely. Obviously the more packs the better, which was why I veered towards Paul's modular and relatively compact system. The goal would be to always have a spare small block or two to switch out if I had any problems with any individual one.

Before starting this project I had very little experience with any electronics/ soldering etc, and since started I've begun building two large lighting rigs, a steadicam harness and a programmable slider for timelapse videography.

I've been documenting my process as I've been going and I'll hopefully be sharing some video content with you all soon. Nerdville especially has set the video quality bar very high and I hope to be able to contribute something useful with what I know.

Thanks everyone for everything so far!
Oscar James
Hi Oscar

Thanks and welcome to DIY Powerwall. Don't worry, no one here professes to be an expert in this field and we are all sharing our passion be it energy storage or videography. Really excited for you and hope that we can all keep being creative.

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Welcome m8! We are all here to learn and im looking forward to your build.
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