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floyd's powercabinet
I made it to the local electronics surplus store "Surplus stuff", where i picked up a heavy metal router cabinet (electrical component cabinet) 30 inches x24 inches x 6 inches approx 750 mm x 600 mm x 150 mm.
 I installed a lock from the harbor freight cabinet fit perfect. Thinking of making a cover /box out of backer board (cement board) to keep the weather out. It will be in a outdoor shed.
I also picked up a pc power supply.
12v @12 amps
5v@ 15 amps
 now just to make a charging board/power board for the Opuses.
 with door closed
   with door open

the paper taped to the door is a diagram of a router which is why I call it a Routerbox.
 later floyd
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Nice find! :-)
As reasonably priced/Free laptop batteries are getting hard to find in northern California least for me, I decided to buy some batteries from Alarmhookup.
I have 10 LG batteries arriving in a few days, then a few days after that I have 50 Sona batteries arriving. so 1200 batties in total to go with the 200 + I have on hand. Will keep me busy for a few weeks.
 First I will make my lawnmower 24 v batteries about (70cells) Then I will start on a small power wall 24v  using cells I have collected so far and 210  of the Sona cells. Approximately 350 cells 7s50p 2kwh. Once I have  the proper technique  down (soldering, Fusing, bus bar, etc) i will build a 48 v power wall or maybei will stick with 24v as that is what my inverter is.
Need to rebuild shed where the cabinet will live, install solar panels 12 100 watt panels, get a new solar charge controller, a new inverter etc.
 later floyd
Working too much, didn't get around to shopping for Christmas or i should say haven't made it to the stores yet. but I did manage to buy  6, 6 cells diy powerbanks online. they were delievered today. 4 gifts out o the way.

only 5 here.  6th one I messed up on. installed a battery wrong and that was all that was needed.
I snapped the cover on one to make sure it would go on right. the quality is ok. not great but not terrible.

 Later floyd
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I have a few hoverboard packs which i would like to keep in one piece, decided that would be easier for me.
I would be fusing both negative lead and positive lead of each pack.The packs would be in parallel. each pack has a BPB Battery Protection Board no balance function. Limited soldering on the build.
There are a few solar charge controllers that can be set up for lithium ion. and a few that will charge 36v battery banks.
I haven't worked out how I would check the temp in multiple places in/on the powerwall. Probably  an Arduino based solution.

There would be a 2 pole dc magentic curcuit breaker between the PV--->cb---> solar charger-->cb--->inverter--->ac/cb--->sub panel(off grid)
This is as far as I have thought it out.

later floyd
A quick update on my progress
The 36v hoverboard batteries are connected in parallel, 2 batteries per 20amp fuse on both positive and negative sides running to The main bus bars.
10mm copper tubing bus bar 10 awg tinned copper wire connects the bus bars to the 30 amp Circuit breaker 10 awg tinned copper wires connect to inverter.
Fuses used 20 amp @ 32v (not ideal i know)
Voltage 41.7 at circuit breaker
voltage 41.4 at inverter
I need to order some 15-20 amp 58v Fuses before building the battery banks. I want to have 4 36v 48AH banks might have to settle for 3.
I have a youtube video linked to this post
the bank size would be 10s24p/ 12 10s2p batteries
Later floyd
As you may be aware I decided to build a power cabinet out of 36v hoverboard batteries. I did a proof of concept test earlier this year. From that I upgraded the fuses to 20 amp fuses these are on the positive and negative side of each xt60 y connector. Then I used a 30 amp airpax dc circuit breaker between the battery and the inverter, The circuit breaker will be upgraded to a 65 amp airpax dc circuit breaker.
As my soldering skills are lacking, I happened upon resistance soldering. I built a small resistance solderer. here are t two bus bars I made tonight.
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Nice. thought it was a picture of a centipede at first Tongue
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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My project slowed down to a standstill this last year. Sad first it was work that kept me from working on the power cabinet. Then it was my health now I am getting back into working on the project. Might end up going about it in a slightly different manner.
later Floydr
So what is your plan now?

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