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Which BMS?

working in configuration very similar to @hbpowerwall configuration 14s80p 200Ah.

which kind of bms i need?

it's necessary a 200Ah bms?

Hi Joaquinsfy,

look at this one:

I use SBMS100. It is realy good thing.

Best regards
I've committed to the Kickstarter project by Electrodacus you have linked in the previous post.  I did so believing that the SBMS120 would be a solar charger for a long term project to make my home self sufficient and off grid using a bank of LiFePO4 cells and some of the 5.2kw solar I have on my roof.

Now, I also have a 24v lead acid bank that runs downlights, my internet router and wireless hub and my weather station computer. I've started collecting 18650 cells and processing them to build a powerwall to replace the aging LA batteries.  Now I'm considering committing to a SBMS40 to charge, manage and balance the 6s 18650 battery bank that I build.

Dacian's products are of the highest quality and can be set up by the user to charge, manage and monitor batteries and power usage.  I'm very impressed.

I will go with SBMS120, too.

Last night Dacian convinced me to drop my plans for a big 18650 powerwall in favor of a LeFePO4 system.

I'll still keep collecting 18650 to use in some other minor projects, though.

@BigBean how is your SBMS100 set up?

I studied the manual twice but quite cannot get the way of securing overcurrent on the load side.

But Electrodacus is only 24V system. So if you plan for 48Vsystem or need higher current and dont want to go massive thick cables and all that system may not be fit for you.

Personally i run Batrium but it do cost some too. There is plenty out there that also do the job.

Electro system is though very impressive for 24 setups and where you dont need bigger things with large inverters Smile
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i will use the rec-bms

Works fine, and communicates via CAN, that makes easy to me to connected to my raspberry pi system.
Now I have 14 cells with 1 bms, next week i will add another bms to control the 2nd pack of 14. this guys are very helpful and have an amazing tech support.
What's the price of this rec bms for 14s?
@frnandu , the price is less than 400 eur.


Do never every buy cheap shit!!!
If somethings going wrong you have big problems.
It's a lot off money I know I've order two starters package but I'm sick off smartbms that failed and they can't handle high current.
(06-13-2017, 01:31 PM)daromer Wrote: But Electrodacus is only 24V system.

I thought they were up to 36v ?

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