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DLG N18650 Cell Specifications
i have had a bunch of these cells come in from new but defective laptop packs.
averages in the 2350's@1a.
the high readings some get may just be inaccurate test results from some chargers.
my tests were made with an original triton.
i do have a datasheet from dlg but its for newer series.

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those cells float when nearly new from 2200 tò 2400 (tested over 3k of those)

but should be minimum 2200 new (that s what DLG deliver at minimum quality check)
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing
got in 250+ amazon return defective lb1 alienware 9 cell packs with these.
every cell good.
the 2 mosfets on the bms were burned on most packs.

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