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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
(12-11-2017, 11:56 PM)A2D_Electronics Wrote: I believe I have a few new cells here.

Here are some purple ASO/SZN cells. Don't know if the are the same ones as on the database already.

This one seems to be of a similar series,  it came out of a Dell J1KND replacement chinese battery.   Initial voltages of the 3 pairs were 1.16V, 1.63V and 1.84V).   Charged to 3V using NicaD setting of imax B6 charger and then charged to 4.1V using LiPo setting, the respective pairs showed about 2700maH per pair.
I have disassembled 16 e-bike batteries which contained 60 18650 cells each.

Almost all (14 out of 16) batteries contained below cells, I have had trouble finding the manufacturer.

Quite a lot of the cells have good SOH and IR.

I could depict from some forms that were attached to the batteries that they were from 2016-ish.

My best guess is that they are manufactured/branded by Headway, as a similar looking 2000mAh cell can be seen on this page.

Could not find any datasheet or other reference, any help is welcome.
Found some BNF batteries in a hover board battery pack.

BNF ICR18650 2000mAh 3.7v

Product Name: Rechargeable cylindrical 18650 2000mAh 3.7V 5C discharge lithium ion battery cell 
Nominal Capacity: 2000mAh @0.2C Discharge
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Quick Charge Current: 2000mA (1.0C5rate)
Quick Discharge Current: 6000mA (3.0C5rate)
Max Discharge Current: 10000mA (5.0C5rate)
Initial Impedance Max:35mΩ

They have a website but unable to post a link

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