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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
Unknown 18650 cell from a laptop. Sleeve was not shrink wrapped and would roll right off if pushed. No markings on the sleeve.

Cell was marked:

Came from an HP f2024a battery. Sanyo part number SI-CPL11U. Did Sanyo made the cells?

Marked capacity is 1800 mAh. Tested capacity was <100 mAh and most of them where open circuit :-(

Cells tested: 4087
Average capacity: 2082 mAh
Left to process: 165 kg
Satiriasis Wrote:Hi Mike, 

I also have couple of those, found the specs that are missing in the thread here (I cant post a reply): 

Capacity: 2200mAh
Voltage: 3.7V nominal
IR: 48mohm
Brand:  Exell Battery
Model:  EB-LFP-14500-600
Capacity:  600 mAh
Voltage:  3.2V Nominal

Cell Size:  14500
Diameter (mm):  13.9
Height (mm):  50.2

Brand: Panasonic
Package: 26650
Model:  CGR26650A
Capacity: 2650 mAh
Voltage: 3.6 V nominal
Charging: 4.2V, max. 2500 mA, 250 mA cut-off

Attached Files
.pdf   CGR26650A.pdf (Size: 63.78 KB / Downloads: 208)
Cells tested: 4087
Average capacity: 2082 mAh
Left to process: 165 kg
Brand:  Soshine
Model:  14500-3.2-700
Capacity According To Manufacture:  700 mAh
Voltage:  3.2V Nominal
Cell Size:  14500

Information From Manufactures Website
Nominal voltage: 3.2 V 
Nominal capacity: 700 mAh 
Core cell weight: 27 grams 
Size: 14.00*50.00mm
Maximum Continuous charge: 1C 
Maximum Continuous Discharge: 1.5C 
Typical fast charge current: 1C to 3.8V CCCV 
Fast charge time: 30 minutes 
Cycle life at 0.5C discharge, 100% DOD: over 1,000 cycles

allready in the database but found some specs

  • Rated capacity: 2200mAh (0.5°C)
  • Minimal capacity: 2100mAh (0.5°C)
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Charge voltage: 4.2V
  • Charge mode: CC/CV
  • Charge time standard charge method: 3.0 hours (for ref.)
  • Quick charge method: 1.5 hours (for ref.)
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 2A
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.0V
  • Working temperature charge: 0 to 55°C
  • Discharge: -20 to 75°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 45°C
  • Storage humidity: 85RH
  • Battery weight: 44g (approximately)

Nominal voltage. 3.7v.
Nominal capacity. 2200mah.
Resistance. <=60.
Max continue discharge current. 3a.
End of charge voltage. 4.2v.
End of discharge voltage. 2.75v.
Cycle life. >=500.
Weight. 42g.

Cell Dimensions  26 x 65 mm
Cell Weight         76g
CellCapacity (nominal/minimum) (0.5C Rate)  2.5/2.4 Ah
Voltage (nominal)       3.3V
Internal Impedance (1kHz AC typical)    6mΩ
Power*                    2600 W/kg
Recommended Standard Charge Method  2.5A t o 3.6V CCCV, 60 min
Recommended Fast Charge Method to 80% SOC  10A t o 3.6V CC, 12 min
Maximum Continuous Discharge 50A
Maximum Pulse Discharge (10 seconds) 120A
Cycle Life at 20A D ischarge, 100% DOD >1,000 cycles
Operating Temperature  -30°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature  -40°C to 60°C

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my first useful post:


2200mah 3.6v cell

datasheet: IMR18650E22 datasheet

I think I've got something new here for the database.  Spotted these in the recycling bin at work and thought I would test them out.  One needed a trickle charge but the tested out at 2555, 2679, and 2712

Specs are available on the website:

Model: IMR18650

Rated capacity: 3000mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Voltage cut-off: 2.5V
Max Charging Current: 4A
Standard Charge: 2A
Discharging Current: 20A
Plus Discharging Current (their words not mine): 35A
Charging Temperature Range: 0 - 45C
Discharging Temperature Range: -20 – 75C

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Mobilis in Mobili
Cell count as of 10/10/2019
234 Cells >2000mAh, >80% Rem. Cap., 14 day resting voltage >4.12V
191 Cells of Everything Else
68 In progress
Aiming for 8 cells tested a day
More info on my Google Drive
Manufacturer: unknown
Model: ICR18650SY
Form: 18650
Rated capacity: 2500mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Measured capacity: 2212mAh
Test equipment: Turnigy Accucell-6 80W
Test current: 1A
Cutoff voltage: 2.9V
Weight: 45g

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