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Cell Database Submissions and Updates


Just got over a cell that seems to miss in the database.

I found a webpage with specs here:

LG MJ1 18650 Battery
  • Model: LG
  • Part Number: LGGBMJ11865
  • Cycle Life: 400
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.635 Volts
  • Nominal capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Minimum capacity: 3400 mAh
  • Max. Charge Voltage: 4.2 ± 0.05 Volts
  • Max. Charge Current: 1.0 C (3400mA)
  • Max. Discharge Current: 10 Ampere
  • Weight: 49.0 Grams
  • Operating Temperature Charging: 0 ~ 45°C
  • Operating Temperature Discharging: -20 ~ 60°C
  • Diameter: 18.4 +0.1 / -0.3 mm (Max. 18.5 mm)
  • Height: 65.0 ±0.2 mm (Max. 65.2 mm)

Found a Datasheet here:

EDIT 2: 
Possibly the same as LGDBMJ11865:
Model Number: US18650VTC5
Cell Name: US18650VTC5 
Sony Code: 49928190
Cell Shape: Cylindrical
Size (with plastic tube)  : Diameter 18.35mm max Length 65.20mm max
Weight: 44.3g Average

Rated Capacity (0.2C discharge) 2500mAh 9.00Wh minimum capacity at room temperature,2.0V cut off
Capacity at 1C 2563mAh 9.23Wh average capacity at room temperature,2.5V cut off
Capacity at 10A 2577mAh 8.80Wh average capacity at room temperature,2.5V cut off
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
internal Impedance 13.0mΩ Typ.measured by AC1kHz
Cycle Performance 70%  Min. of Initial capacity at 300 cycles 10A discharge at room temperature,2.5V cut off

Charge Method : constant current constant voltage     
Charge Up Voltage : 4.2± 0.05V       
Charge Current : 2.5A       
Charge Time : 2.5h       
Ambient Temperature  : 23 C

(08-02-2019, 04:13 PM)Wolf Wrote: The other one I could not find in the cell database or anywhere else for a matter of fact.
It is self explanatory as far as mAh is concerned but no other specs.
on the SkyRC M3000 the are showing ~2150mAh so not a bad cell.


Hey, I found one of the same brand/logo, different number of sides on the top cap, no discernible model number (no luck on finding data either):

And here's a Samsung ICR18650-24B, which appears to be a variant of the 24A/24E that are already in the database. No datasheet that I could find, but there's data on it at Voltaplex and here: which claims 2400mAH capacity, 3.7V, 800mA standard charge, 960mA "rapid charge", 2.4A max charge, 4.8A max discharge.

(07-23-2019, 12:21 AM)Falkrons Wrote: New user here, signed up to post this apparently new battery for the database. Picked this up from a recycle yard and googling the numbers returned no info. There were 6 batteries in the pack. Here are pics and the text from the battery.
035566 (serial number as they are sequential on the batteries)

This is likely a Sanyo UR18650A: check the side for a faint imprinted model number.

(06-01-2019, 03:13 AM)Nemo Wrote: I think I've got something new here for the database.  Spotted these in the recycling bin at work and thought I would test them out.  One needed a trickle charge but the tested out at 2555, 2679, and 2712

Specs are available on the website:

Model: IMR18650

Rated capacity: 3000mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Voltage cut-off: 2.5V
Max Charging Current: 4A
Standard Charge: 2A
Discharging Current: 20A
Plus Discharging Current (their words not mine): 35A
Charging Temperature Range: 0 - 45C
Discharging Temperature Range: -20 – 75C

Vape cells like this are usually rewraps of major manufacturer cells. This one for example looks very similar to an LG HG2 (same top cap shape/sides, very similar voltage curve shape:

Data from here:
First time I'm meeting up with these prismatic cells. Body is negative, just like on 18650s.
MOLI ICP1003540B from MOLICEL Canada. 3.7V, 1800mAh typical.

Link to the specsheet, seems legit:

Generic 2AH cell to add, closest I can find on spec/appearance is the following cell from Greenway battery:
18650E-0200 Spec states 2.2AH typical capacity, 4.4A max discharge rate.

And here's a generic 3200mAH cell I bought from eBay. Thought it would be fake but turns out to be real (or at least close to spec, 2963mAH tested in a Miboxer C2 4000 at 1.5A):


Again hard to find sources but I believe it is a DLG cell, INR18650-320:
Spec states 3.1AH minimum, 3.2AH typical, 3.2A max charge current, 6.4A max discharge current (to 2.5V), <40mOhms IR.
Update, got a datasheet for the INR18650-320 from DLG. 1C charge, 2C discharge max.

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.pdf   INR18650-320_DLG.pdf (Size: 686.88 KB / Downloads: 13)
Found some LG cells that don't appear in the database. LGABD21865. Found in two Dell 65 Wh laptop packs (P/N 04KFGD). All tested right around 3000 mAh and around 50 milliohms.
(11-29-2019, 05:43 PM)cowpen Wrote: Found some LG cells that don't appear in the database. LGABD21865. Found in two Dell 65 Wh laptop packs (P/N 04KFGD). All tested right around 3000 mAh and around 50 milliohms.

LG D2 cell, here's a data reference:

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