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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
We have compiled an extensive database of cell information here on the forums. In order to keep improving and make it grow, we need your help! As you are breaking down your battery packs to recover cells, please consider taking pictures. We are especially looking for new cells that are not in the database yet. If you have new information to submit or update, please reply to this thread. You can new cells, pictures of cells already in the database, and spec sheets if we are missing them. A staff member will save the information to the database and put a note in the post that it has been updated.

New Cell Submissions
* New cell submissions must include a minimum of two pictures, one from the side (example picture) and one from the top showing the insulator ring (example picture). These pictures will be used to generate the thumbnail used for the database listing. These pictures must be taken directly from the front. The pictures cannot be on an angle. You may add any amount of additional pictures after the initial two. The more the better!

Picture Requirements:
* The cell must be clean. No glue, torn wrappers, capacity writing, etc.
* The picture must occupy most of the frame, not from far away.
* Please use a clean background. The cell should be the only subject in the picture. No junk in the background.
* The image should be properly lit, no dark or fuzzy pictures.
* We are only interested in high resolution pictures. Pictures should be a minimum of 2560x1960 (5MP).
* Pictures must be clear and in focus.
* Pictures must be yours that you took with your camera. Do not submit pictures from the Internet.
* Do not crop the pictures to odd proportions. Please submit the full resolution photo from the camera

Examples of Good Pictures:

Examples of Bad Pictures:
I created this new thread as a clean start. I believe I got everything from the other thread. People are starting to send in pictures from all over and I'm loosing track a bit. I updated the requirements/information in the first post. Please give it a read through before submitting any additional pictures. Thank you everyone who has contributed thus far.

The key points going forward:
* No blurry/out of focus pictures
* No cropped pictures with odd resolutions

Thank you!
I believe I have a few new cells here.

Here are some purple ASO/SZN cells. Don't know if the are the same ones as on the database already.

I have several new cells to add here (they aren't flat tops though), and one variant of a cell in the database already.  I was unable to track down any information on the three new cells.

First: Interstate ICR18650 2200  (protected cell)


Unknown Brand: EL-186502200-HS : Button top

Unknown Brand: Flat top

LG Chem: ICR18650S2 (one in database is peach coloured)
(12-11-2017, 11:56 PM)A2D_Electronics Wrote: I believe I have a few new cells here.

Here are a couple of photos on white background for the blue wrapper 18650 6B00112 +barcode- CJ cell


This one tested to 1632 mAh on the Opus at 500ma
Gary G.

Working on a 32 port #FCDS
24 ports complete... logging to Influx/Grafana

I found some Farasis Energy, Inc IMR18650E22 cell in some Dell battery packs.
I have included the Data Sheet.

Attached Files
.pdf   IMR18650E22-Farasis.pdf (Size: 679.46 KB / Downloads: 272)
TS 18650 01 3.7v 1215

6 cells recovered from a laptop pack

blue with white insulator

charged to 4.20v rested 2 hours 4.17v  1931mAh

I think there was an ebay listing for some of these cells but I'm unable to find anything more about them,

Note: Reviewed 11/20/2019, unable to find any info
Not a reclaimed cell but I thought I'd post this anyways, it's got a good price per kWH for new cells ($183/kWH for qty 200 including shipping from China, or $5/cell with free shipping on eBay in the US, as low as $4/cell for 200 qty).

Boston Power Swing 5300
Specs: 5300mAH
10.6A max charge rate, 13A max discharge rate, 1000 cycle life at 100% depth of discharge

Positive is the large bottom side, negative is the small circular contact. Negative can be soldered to with some sanding but positive cannot, so spot welding is required.

Here's a more complete cycle life graph:
CBT18650-22J T12

Teal cell wrapper, Transparent insulator ring

6 cells recovered from a 5200mah battery for Acer UM08A71 UM08A72


Note: Reviewed 11/20/2019, couldn't find any information online.

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