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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
I have disassembled 16 e-bike batteries which contained 60 18650 cells each.

Almost all (14 out of 16) batteries contained below cells, I have had trouble finding the manufacturer.

Quite a lot of the cells have good SOH and IR.

I could depict from some forms that were attached to the batteries that they were from 2016-ish.

My best guess is that they are manufactured/branded by Headway, as a similar looking 2000mAh cell can be seen on this page.

Could not find any datasheet or other reference, any help is welcome.
Found some BNF batteries in a hover board battery pack.

BNF ICR18650 2000mAh 3.7v

Product Name: Rechargeable cylindrical 18650 2000mAh 3.7V 5C discharge lithium ion battery cell 
Nominal Capacity: 2000mAh @0.2C Discharge
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Quick Charge Current: 2000mA (1.0C5rate)
Quick Discharge Current: 6000mA (3.0C5rate)
Max Discharge Current: 10000mA (5.0C5rate)
Initial Impedance Max:35mΩ

They have a website but unable to post a link
[attachment=1494 Wrote:Kabuki pid='60739' dateline='1584990839']I didn't find this version if the Hitachi Maxell cells in the database.  Purple wrapper, black insulator.  Model number INR18650PB2.  Sourced from a Hitachi 18V battery pack.

Stat sheet for this badboy.

Attached Files
.pdf   _ps_315li-ion.pdf (Size: 433.79 KB / Downloads: 16)

Does anyone have spec for these? Thanks!

Found 8 pcs. of Samsung ICR18650-22HU that seemed to be missing from database. Light green wrapper, white insulator.

125 cells, 269,45Ah.
Found inside the original JBL Control X wireless box.
2 Pcs in total, didnt found this exact one in the database.
Text on the battery: N18650A Q260 0160B 03271
Battery info: Should be if i am correct: 2600mAh, 7.4V,  19.2 Wh, further unknown 

Also didnt find this one in the DB, found those (6pcs in total) inside my dead Asus laptop battery.
Text on the battery: LB-YN/A2 2050mAh LIBOWER RABEOE 011
Battery info: (written on battery case itsel): 11.1V, 4400mAh, 49Wh (total specs of the whole battery pack, so not from a single battery.)

I can't manage to add more than 1 photo to the post.
The insulator is black.
I guess I should probably wait till I have tested them but these were in a 40v Black & Decker tool battery from canon the battery said it is supposed to be 2.5AH but I see 15 on the cells so probably more like 1500mah I believe the pictures are clear but they say(THISS 18650HR15 2019.08.03 3.6V)

I got some more that came from a laptop battery with 4s1p the color is a little weird but it's about the same as those Panasonic


This cell isnt listed in the database so I was just sending it so it could be added.

Brand: FST

18650 2600mAh


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