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Ruby2's powerbox
I've just added my third bank to my project and better document it for the cell counter list!

My system started over 12 months ago with the intent to replace my inefficient SLA battery bank.
The build was based on the You Tube videos by UK DIY Powerwall - one of the first to start this idea going.
It is a 24v (7s160p) bank that is tended by a SMA Sunny Island 3324 ac coupled power converter controlling a SMA SB-2500 solar inverter connected to 2kw solar panels on my shed roof.
My battery box was surplus SLA battery backup cabinent which determined the size of the build as 7s160p using a 8 by 20 grid.

I have been a bit unconventional as I didn't adopt the "wall' approach and have used heavy busbars with the sub-bars being 6mm cable and not copper strip. I also have mini voltmeters on each cell as well as the excellent Batrium BMS.

Cheers !
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Neat. That's one very tidy build. How many KW?
Nice work there m8!
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How good is that! Nice work !
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Ok, ok. I gotta be the bad guy here. I'm gonna hafta say something negative here.

How in the world do you plan on heating your house with those huge bus bars!?!? I mean, they won't get hot during a heavy load. They are just too efficient at doing their job. Tongue
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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Thanks for the kind words, chaps - appreciated.

Re: the capacity - I started off with just 7  batteries - nearly 10kwh - and was so impressed after the crappy SLA's that I had to make up another set of 7 to get up to the 20kw !
These supplied most of our house load so we now use very little from the grid.
It's so addictive that I just had to continue and expand the capacity to 30kw with the last set of 7, just completed.
This will give a good capacity margin for the winter months.

Re: the bus bars - they do look a bit of overkill - but run as cool as - importantly, they add a fair bit of structual strength to the rather large and heavy pack.

Another picture showing my monitor PC - great little (cheap & cheap to run) windows 10 unit - Cenovo MiniPC2 - around $100 US from aliexpress.

Cheers !
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That's so cool. I'm just starting to gather my batteries, haven't gotten enough for a single cells pack yet lol. Can't wait to build my 20kwh setup Big Grin

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