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Hello From The Great Lakes State - Michigan, USA!

[Image: k83hYFROUSc2ilPPEkmsHtLzf3OidfJgsQHWAKTP...84-h920-no]

[Image: ynElw8ilftxdTgI0xPLZBKJmwlhm7pissuiRwATS...40-h920-no]
Welcome! It's great to see more people from the US around!
(01-31-2017, 08:05 PM)mike Wrote: Welcome! It's great to see more people from the US around!

Thanks Mike!
I have really been working on this since like 2015, just never made the time to get it all together.
My issue is supply right now, and design/building the packs.
I need recommended inverters, power monitors, BMS, chargers the whole bit I guess.
I have been watching HBPowerwall's videos over the history and got a little motivation.
I am hoping my trials help contribute to this great endeavor!
If you'd like to support the forum please feel free to use my affiliate links to purchase all kinds of stuff for your projects 
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(02-01-2017, 12:08 AM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Welcome!!!

Finally Getting Somewhere  Got the build thread for the solar side here: Solar Build
Almost every 18650 I have has been tested, got like 50% good ones.  Not bad for free.
so I have only 125, but I am forging forward on the solar side so I can start having some charging fun with the free LA batteries for now.

Li-Ion batteries, the neat ones are 2000mAh+
[Image: NSt1k3lTQG6cO14B_olg-IquSR-Pk_bNAthKGsxx...40-h920-no]

My Panel Pickup Vid

Hopefully I have helped expand your knowledge!
My little blog:
My YouTube Channel: Rudy's YouTube Channel

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