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Liitokala Engineer Lii 500 Charger
much simpler cooling
Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 1000ish, untesteded.
Bms chinese bluetooth
No solar yet, very soon, looking to buy panels if anyone has any?
First run with new Liitokala Engineer Lii 500 Charger using a 12V 2.8A power pack on 240V. I put CGR18659E cells (original capacity 2550mAh (3V)) harvested from laptops in each of the 4 slots and ran the default Nor Test.

Slot    V    mAh    Time    mR
1    3.87    2419    9:33    61
2    3.91    2335    9:13    63
3    3.90    2327    9:11    64
4    3.87    2419    9:33    61

* How do I interpret these tests, particularly the mR which I understand is unique to the Lii 500?
* I understand with Nor Test by default cells in 4 slots would charge at 500mA to 4.2V and discharge at 500mA to a bit below 2.9V (I observed below 2.81V) cut-off. Can someone confirm charge/discharge parameters?
* I realise these tests are only a guide, particularly with temperature variations (the outside temperature ranged from 18 to 33 degrees C but we are heading into warmer weather). How much difference does seasonality have on the tests and is anything normally done in practice to manage it?

* I intend to stick with the same testing methodology so I can get relative cell performance. Is there a more practical methodology for capacity and internal resistance with the Lii-500?
Default NOR test settings are 500mA charging / 250mA discharging.
Dont bother too much with mR. You will spend precious time for nothing. You can learn more about cell when you leave it for 1-2 months and check self discharge.
Its simple - all cells with very low self discharge and without any heat(40-45C) at 1A discharge /500mA charge are good for me.
My tests are like this:

1. Salvage batteries.
2. Split batteries in groups - above 2.5V can be charged to 4.2V - i use multi TP4056 diy charger for this.
- cells with voltage 1V - 2.5V are charged with 100mA to 3.7V and i leave them for couple of days. After that i charge them to 4.2V.
- cells under 1V are charged with 50mA to 3.7V and i leave them for couple of days. After that i charge them to 4.2V.

All cells will rest for about month. After that i test capacity for all cells above 4.15V. All cells with capacity 80% or higher from original are ok. Write capacity and charge cells again. If there is no SD after 2-3 weeks - just use cells. Cells with capacity under 80% goes to some minor projects. Cells with small SD (4V - 4.15V after full charge) can also be used for flashlights or something. Cells under 4V are bad and goes to recycle bin. Same for all heaters (read Panasonic and Sanyo).
(08-12-2019, 09:49 AM)KaminoReal Wrote: I added a 80mm fan on mine, now is cool but noisy LOL.

I Velcro'd on a 40mm fan to the lower backs of mine where the openings are.  The fans are almost silent and plug into the computer power supply that I use to run the Lii-500s.  I've never been comfortable with the wall chargers that come with the Lii-500.  They don't regulate output well at all and although the Lii-500 may regulate incoming current I'm betting the PC desktop power supply does a better job.

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