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Where Did You Find Us?
Where did you hear about DIYPowerwalls? I assume for most it will be either Peter's Youtube channel or the Facebook group. I'm curious to see if anyone found their way here from another forum, social group, or search engine like Google.
Peter's YouTube videos. I remember him mentioning this form.
Initially I found out about using 18650 cells through electronics YouTube videos.  I've been using LiFePO4 in our caravan an auxiliary battery in my 4WD.  I found by accident some YouTube videos about 18650 cells being used as powerwalls.  The YouTube videos by Pete (HBPowerwall) particularly interested me, and, in turn, led me to this forum.
it would be of particular interest if anyone found this forum directly via search engines?
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I found the forum through HBPowerwall's videos. Actually started down this road from Jehu's videos, though. I've got a meager collection of about 100 cells, all collected from recycled packs, so best I can get is about 1700mAh cells. All the testing is done with a bench PSU and an accucel charger/discharger. I have yet to buy new old stock, but may head down that road when I've got the resources. Looking to do everything on the cheap at the moment.
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It's been awhile, but I think I found the forum through HBPowerWall's videos on Youtube. There were several other who had mentioned the forum and user as well, and I decided to check it out. And I'm impressed with it. You guys keep the topics pretty right on topic, knowledgeable (and learning more), and readily active. I enjoy reading the posts and being able to contribute as well.
Googled "diy powerwall'. 

He said, sitting there on that box of used 18650 cells under the shade of the solar array. Big Grin
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is there room for more under there Smile
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(02-20-2017, 10:19 PM)hbpowerwall Wrote: is there room for more under there Smile

Given the way the price of solar has been dropping room under the array is the least of my problems.
I'm pretty sure it was from a comment on someone's YouTube Video.
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