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Where Did You Find Us?
HBPowerwall's channel on youTube, it was called diy powerwall forum though
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I washed up here after hurricane Michael knocked down my weather head atop my electrical service entrance.
That was a while ago and I have remained on solar since.
I recently decided that I would find a better way to charge a laptop computer since my battery only lasted about 39 minutes and using an inverter to convert 12 volt DC into 115 volt AC in order to charge an 11.1 volt battery seemed to be insult to all mankind.

I use a different method to charge cells.
The picture is of my lawn care equipment that no longer use the 12, 14.4, 18, or 20 volt battery packs as I power the weed eater, blowers, drills, that I have found discarded by the way side.
I converted the batteries to power lights and fans.

My latest build is The Light Light Fan.
It is a 12 volt light that is powered by 12 volt solar which in turn I put a small solar panel under the dome like shade facing down to meet up with the led light bulb and that charges 3.7s times 2 and they power more LED lights.
And it has a fan on top.
From Google.
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