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Where Did You Find Us?
youtube video
Hi dudes,

A newbie here, I was started seying a youtube video on how to build a power bank with 18650 batteries from laptop batteries and I was thinking about how to use my 3 replaced latop batteries before to waste them. At this moment I'm waiting for the material needed to build it and meanwhile I've watched several videos on how to do power walls and I'm thinking to change my house diesel calefaction system by a battery powered system.

I hoppe to learn the best way to do it.
Hi there. Yep, YouTube. Didn't know there was such a thing as DYI powerwalls. Now I'm trying to find the intro article (or vid) just to get the basics!    Blush
Welcome to all the new members
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Get up to 10% off with coupon code 'Powerwalls'
Lithium Power Australia
Battery Hookup USA 
BigBattery USA
Tim De Groot NL
Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
Paolo Italy
Google search looking up spec data about cells.

Maybe the wrong section but I think it would improve the search engine of the forum.
To find results I use google to search on your forum.
Youtube videos.
Big Grin  I'm sure Peter mentioned you guys, but I kept finding you doing searches on battery id's in goGGles  Wink
I'm another Oz resident, way down south east about 100 kays from Melbourne in Victoria.
Usually I use the name Leader when joining something however this time I am near the bottom and so.....
I AM the humbleONE   Tongue

Ex Mechanic, Digital Electronics Tech., ex computer shop owner, environment lover and big brother hater, also into Permaculture

Cheers and great to be here...


Just Coz I Ain't Dumb Duzzn' Mean I Can't Ask Questions  Cool
Thanks for accepting me...  Heart
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Google search for solar power batteries.
Confident it was a link from another youtube video; however; I didn't regret it one bit!
(02-10-2017, 02:21 PM)mike Wrote: Where did you hear about DIYPowerwalls? I assume for most it will be either Peter's Youtube channel or the Facebook group. I'm curious to see if anyone found their way here from another forum, social group, or search engine like Google.

Google ... but because I was looking for RePackr which I learned about on a YouTube video (sorry ... too long ago to remember which .... maybe AverageJoe)
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