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Ohio Powerwall
(02-21-2017, 12:56 PM)mike Wrote: Nice, is that a full sized rack?

Yes. Plenty of room inside. My plan is to mount two shelves in the bottom for my LiFeMgPo batteries and then hang my Powerwall packs at the top. But, I still have a long way to go!  Big Grin
Looking for some advice before moving forward....

I have finished charging and testing the Valence LiFeMgPh batteries I picked up at the local recycler and they are all good. My plan is to use those batteries in one 48v bank and then use the 18650 powerwall as a second 48v bank. However, at the rate I'm moving with the powerwall, it's going to be a while! Therefore, I would like to move forward with the Valence bank. Since there are MANY really great minds in here, I'd like to get some opinions of the best way to set things up.

Here is a diagram of how I would like to configure the 20 batteries. My questions are:
1. What size fuses should I install for each of the strings?
2. What diameter cables would be best?
3. Can anyone recommend a good switch that would allow for me to manually select between Bank1 - Bank 2 - Both Banks for feeding the inverter. Note: I will most likely be going with the PIP 4048MS....but I'm open to suggestions!

1. Max cont load on them are 80A. So max fuse size is 80A! Dont go above it if you going to fuse.

They do have built in protection though:

2. Depends. If you only using 1 pip4048 you dont need much.
From the batteries i would go with 16 or 30mm2. From distribution board to switch -> inverter i would go with 30 or 50mm2.

Depends on distances you going to go. But 30mm3 is more than enough for a single pip.

3. Here you have some damn good switches:
I use: BSS.6007
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Upcoming: 14S 18650~30kWh
Re your wiring diagram, to be balanced parallel wiring on the terminals should look more like this:


Oops! You have an odd number in parallel. Never mind
Have you tested all your cells yet so I can verify your cells on the cell count ?
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(06-02-2017, 01:46 AM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Have you tested all your cells yet so I can verify your cells on the cell count ?

All are tested and good, but I just got another 150 laptop batteries to open and process for a couple spare packs to have on-hand.
Would like to begin the actual build process but other work projects have taken priority. I hope to get things moving again soon!
What battery packs had the gray cells and where did you get them?
Are they new old stock? Or failed batteries from a recycler?
I need ideas to get Good cells cheaper. I have gotten a lot of Junk lately.

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