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18Kwh - 12v off grid Powerwall
Ep solar BN , they are all over ebay. They are full programmable so u can set limits for li-ion etc. they are 30a units up to 24v. They are ok, the mppt isn't the quickest. As in they can spend 5 minutes adjusting before they kick in after a cloud has gone over and ruined their day.
Finally more packs added - capacity and long term voltage hold testing done :Smilestill no balancing needed , doing a 50% cycle most days.  Long mons eventually  

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(06-20-2018, 02:10 PM)Jestronix Wrote: G'day Jestronix,
In your earlier post you were going 3S. The shots in your most recent post would seem to be 4S!
Did you change your mind? If so was it because of issues running 3S?  Huh
PS - I'm Newcastle based, where are you?
It is 3s160p, in last picture I see 6 packs.

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