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Shon's Powerwall
Hello all, 

I've been poking around here and there, I need to start a thread with my stuff, so here is what I have for now. I will add to this thread till it's finished, then update as updates are needed. 

Let me show you all the batteries


There's 1200 batteries there. I decided to go with a 15s80p setup because I'm getting the 2,000 watt Aims Inverter that accepts up to 64 vdc. I'm in the US so my power requirement is 120VAC. I will not be making 240 VAC yet. I will eventually, when I actually own a house that needs it. I have the inverter on order but it's backordered and I'm waiting for Amazon to give me a shipment date. 

I started this project in October and I'm already welding together my packs. It's been a lot of work, but I have the time to do this and it's actually quite fun. Today, I finished welding 5 packs with the Sunko 787A+ welder. 

This welder works "alright." I had a really hard time at first to get anything to work with it. I ended up filing a little slit into the copper probe and spreading the connectors so they fit tighter into the unit. Peter Mathews complained about the connector not fitting into the unit properly and I experienced the same thing, but it's easily fixed by spreading out the little leaf spring thingys and shoving them in. 

I'll finish this post with a series of pictures along the way. I'm going to eventually try out the YouTube thing, but I'm actually boring and don't think anyone wants to watch. Enjoy.

First batteries gathered.
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Great work and thanks for sharing, i should really pull that spot welder out and make up some more packs i'll use your tips
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Yeah, I meant to take a picture of the connector after I spread out the "wings," but I forgot. I did try to take a picture of the tip of the tool, but I couldn't get the camera to focus on it. It's just too small.

I forgot to add pictures of the actual welding. Here they are
To get the camera to focus on small things like wires, take a piece of paper with small text on it and use it as the backdrop. Or get a patterned background of some sort. That should help the camera focus. Maybe wear a textured glove. Just thoughts Smile

Good work on the build. Love the stack of packs you got there. 64VDC, wow, that's nice. Your wiring must be cheap! Smile Nice spot welding job done, too. If you haven't done it yet, I would recommend cutting the fuse wire that goes from cell to cell (where it doesn't go over the busbar). This will help make sure the fuse blows at the proper current rating. Otherwise, you basically have two wires going to the end sharing the load.
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where you getting your recycled batteries. I'm having a hard time finding enough
(12-11-2017, 03:17 AM)barkster Wrote: where you getting your recycled batteries.  I'm having a hard time finding enough

I have a recycler here in San Diego that I have bartered with and we agreed on $1.00/lb. At first he wanted 2, but i said no way dude. I have only spent $200 on batteries. A lot I found for free, but the $200 probably covers about 40% of the batteries I have....1200.

Watch this video. Average Joe nailed it spot on. You just have to look and be persistant. Don't be discouraged by people telling you no. IDK why they say no, but there's plenty that say sure. Here's the link to Joe's video:

Good luck....Don't lie to the people you're asking for batteries from. Offer some cash if you don't think they are gonna hook it up.
Nice, thanks for info
your coper busbar look like many corosion. you shoud use new one, it will be more easy to solder
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Being as you (like me) live in the US, why would you ever need a 240 system? (sorry if this is a dumb question..)
Pamanedes: I dont live in US but i do live with 240 system instead. You half the current = alot thinner wires. That is a big gain I would say Smile
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