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Shon's Powerwall
That's a lot of work.
(08-07-2018, 10:56 PM)philsocal Wrote: Any updates? what's the latest?

Oh man, it's been a long time since I logged in here. Sorry. I have my system almost totally done now. It's been online for a year and saving me a ton of money. I just bought the Batrium system and got it all hooked up. It's doing its first balance right now. Since I used that repackr app from this site my packs stayed mostly balanced for the year. One day last week though I was on duty for two days in a row and wasn't around monitoring my battery and it got overcharged. The cheap solar charge controller didn't stop charging as I had it setup. I did a hard reset on it and now it works properly again. One of my packs were over 4.6v. I was a little upset and decided it was time to fork over the money for the Batrium. That pack seems to be fine. I hope I didn't ruin it too much, but I have a spare pack ready in case I need it. 

The Batrium setup is VERY cool! It's worth it. I should've done it sooner. I like that it logs stuff. I never had that functionality before. I need to give it a few days to calculate it's SOC% and stuff, but here's a screenshot.

I just read through my post and realized that I never mentioned that I got a different inverter. I had the AIMs one for a few months, but quickly realized it wasn't sufficient for my situation. I needed MORE POWER. I ended up getting the Magnum MS-PAE 4448 inverter. 48V 240V split phase inverter and I got the thing hooked up to my mains. It automatically switches to the grid once my battery drops to the set DC voltage that I have. Since it's a 15s system I set it to 50Vdc to go to grid. It can handle up to 64vdc input so that's perfect for 15s. Shoot the questions if I left something else out. During the summer, now, I can go several days without touching the grid. The solar keeps up. I also have a total of 6 panels now that make about 1500 watts at peak.
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