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Home Data Center Powerwall Build
In a parallel cell layout the only advantage to additional mons is higher bypass current, and perhaps some redundancy ? - untill the user has the ability to calibrate the mons I cant see any advantages in running multiple mons on a parallel cell layout.
(01-11-2019, 09:29 PM)CarelHassink Wrote: Hello Mark,

sorry I have missed your remark from 23/12/2018

i-MIEV (+clones) cmu support to SIMPbms is now added,
all GS YUASA cells LEV40+LEV50 are supported.
Hopefully progress will be made for allocating cell id's, now fixed to max 10 id's, but should be possible to go to at least 28 unique id's

we've been using some of my stock LEV50N batteries to test out a small battery set-up with SIMPbms,
and Daniel/Tom cracked it.

Currently testing out LEV40 15Sx5P +SIMPbms, hooked up with SMA Sunny Island series,
and got it working,
Next week shipment of 3 packs i-MIEV's coming in, will check to see if we can make a full pack test rig,
both for Victron set-up, amd SMA Sunny Island.

best Carel

Hi Carel,

Great to hear from you, and appreciate the update on SIMPbms. Based on the battery design above, do you think SIMPbms would be a viable option, and can the Mitsubishi BMS cards be used in the 14S setup, or should I consider another cell layout i.e. should I leave the cell layout as configured in the factory?

Keen to purchase a BMS in the next few weeks, and it's a tight race between SIMPbms and Batrium, but using the Mitsubishi BMS cards is certainly enticing. 

So any advice you can give me would be great. The most important things to me at present is having maximum battery capacity that will work with the Victron MultiGrid and SmartSolar units, and can be charged with the solar panels I currently have.

Thanks, Mark
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Have you considered the REC Q ?
(01-13-2019, 10:56 AM)Sean Wrote: Have you considered the REC Q ?

Hi Sean, had been looking at REC, and I had been recommended to the REC by Carel. So yes, certainly happy to take a look. Interested to get your thoughts on REC i.e. pros and cons etc.
<<< Contact me for quality used Yuasa LEV40 and LEV50 prismatic lithium batteries in Australia >>>
Thought your inverter/charger was Victron Multigrid 48V/3000 + Venus GX,
SIMPbms will show as SIMPbms/battery in screen of Venus os, and will control Victron. 
Victron has a wide voltage span you adjust in Victron firmware using a MKII usb to VE converter,  Victron can adjust to a max of 66V charging end voltage, this is matching a 16S LEV50 (=maxV 65.6)

In any case a full pack 88cells as in i-MIEV donor packs has 10x 8S cellblocks with cmu addressing 8 cells + 2x 4S blocks with cmu addressing 4 cells
so you have always, whatever set-up, whatever bms you use, some hot-spares.

My suggested set-up with SIMPbms + i-MIEV pack will be to go for 5 parallel strings of 16S cells, 
all cells from same donor pack, so residual Cac should be in balance.
SIMPbms is plugplay with Victron kit. can-bus out 500kbps to Victron can in, terminated with resistor on both ends
on wish list for development of SIMPbms is a master, slave version, so one can add more drive packs to a ~48V'ish system, upgrading capacity of storage battery bank.

SIMPbms has no graphical interface, like other BMS system, check Batrium, just great, and others,
SIMPbms has only a serial comand line with a tree-structure, but in combo with Venus os, one has still all features, like VRM portal, remote control on Venus GX/Multigrid, online switch off, even using key relays to shutdown batterypack main contactor.


I team up with Daniel Boekel, together "the european continental support unit", pm me if you like to give SIMPbms a try,
I have sets of boards here in my workshop.

best Carel

last photo is test-rig with 5 parallel strings of 15S  LEV40 to match voltage span of max 63Vdc of SMA Sunny Island 8.0, currently undergoing testing in workshop
canbus loop made out of recycled JST cpd connectors hooked up to 10cmu's, last 16'th cell is mock dummy, made out of wood,
SIMPbms has an "ignore mode" to dump failing cell, in this case number 8cell of second LEV40-8 block in the string
If used on a Victron I could have used all cells of an Outlander pack
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pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
36Kw ESS, 320 Yuasa LEV40 cells
14.2Kwp Ciggs solar panels, 2 Goodwe 3phase inverters
SMA SI 8.0 single phase + controls, REC BMS

second life ev/phev li-on batteries
follow me on
Any updates @gregoinc
Hiya DO, great to hear from you, and thanks for checking in.

I have been in Europe for 3 months, so the project has been placed on hold. Have met Carel in the Netherlands which was awesome, have a trial BMS board, so when we are back will resume the project.

Have also taken the opportunity to meet some people in Europe doing similar projects, both private and commercial, so have learnt heaps.

Thanks, Mark
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Always good to see what others are doing! Looking forward to seeing how you get on!
Has been way too long since my last post... loads of reasons which I wont go into in detail. Have been back from our 6 months in Europe for a few months now, and have been getting things back up to speed. 

Unfortunately a medical situation (gallbladder removal) prior to leaving Germany has been hampering progress, but starting to get clear of it now.

Thought I would share some photos of the LEV50N stacking... which is still a work in prgress. I am also getting my head around my new SIMP BMS which I collected from Carel whilst in the Netherlands  (thanks Carel).

More info to share as I progress along, so stay tuned  Smile

Early prototype of my ESP8266 IR Air Conditioner controller... which is now fully operational.

AC Controller... Finished operational version.

Workshop shelving... go big or go home... industrial strength
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<<< Contact me for quality used Yuasa LEV40 and LEV50 prismatic lithium batteries in Australia >>>

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