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Power locker in Michigan
So, I have a locker.

And some battries.

Yes most are from power tools. I mistakenly thought I could repair some and resell them to help fund the project. It's proving harder to resell them in my circle of contacts and so I am switching to running down laptop batteries as I should have done from the start.

The theory here is that this locker should be able to house 14 shelves that hold 3 60 cell packs each. Rather then shelves though it will be more of a rail system to allow for better air flow. I don't foresee me ever getting to fill the locker with 2,520 cells, but I would rather have to option then trying to figure it out later. 

With that said I think I will be starting with a 24 volt system perhaps using the PIP2424LV and some solar panels out back somewhere. Maybe on the roof of the house or garage, whichever one I can get away with without to much trouble.  With the locker having 14 shelves that would enable me to switch to a 48 volt system rather easily with just some rewiring. 

Once the weather here warms up a little bit more I'll be able to get work on the rack/shelf/rail system that I am envisioning and will be back with more pictures once that comes to life a bit.
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The Locker is an excellent idea, I like the locker idea.

Later floyd
Sounds like a plan...
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My setup:
Upon further review of my plan and a new household monetary goal my power locker is taking a slower road. I originally wanted 24 volt system with the ability to upgrade to 48 volt at some point down the line. Being in the U.S. that made sense seeing how MPP Solar only has a 24 volt version for 120v a.c.  I am switching to more of a backup power plan to limit the cost for solar, chargers and inverters. Seeing how the inverter I landed on for back up has a 24 and 48v 1500w true sine wave in the same package and price I feel it's silly not to start at 48volt. I know it's the logical thing, but it sure does put me further away from the goal and my first working pack.
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Better to do it right from the get go. In the long run, it'll be cheaper and easier to set up. Smile
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Progress has been made dispite mother nature deciding that we don't deserve warm weather here in Michigan yet.

Some fine tuning is still required on the design. It has already changed a few times. I think I'm dialing it in to be not only manageable, but safer as well.
And let the bus bar/fusing learning curve begin. I'm trying to flush out a system with I can expand to use in my full 14s80p pack. This one will only be 14s20p
They have a home now. Not as planed when I first started out, but there was fuzzy math involved to start. I'm still very happy with how it turned out. This will hold 2 strings of 14s80p. Plenty and then some for my needs.

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Love the idea and use of materials!
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(05-03-2018, 04:56 PM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Love the idea and use of materials!

Thank you, that means a lot.

It gets better too. The wood I used had been repurposed as well. The wood was once a pallet that I believe had a commercial flat top grill shipped on it.
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