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Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)
If you lived closer i'd donate cells to this project for sure!!!
Great work
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(08-24-2018, 06:21 PM)Dala Wrote: I have successfully moved into the new apartment, and can now resume scavenging at a higher rate. These past two weeks have been slow, only picking up 3-5 packs per week now. On the plus side all have been free, thanks to amazing colleagues Smile

Here's the latest scavenging average from last week.

2679 - A
2659 - A
2659 - A
2658 - A
2622 - A
2621 - A
2604 - A
2602 - A
2599 - A
2595 - A
2409 - A
2363 - A
2328 - A
2383 - A
2313 - A
2300 - A
2294 - A
2276 - A
1375 - Too low, garbage bin
1361 - Too low, garbage bin
1251 - Too low, garbage bin
1212 - Too low, garbage bin
1119 - Too low, garbage bin
976 - Too low, garbage bin
58 Did not charge within 8h
58 Did not charge within 8h
null - Did not charge within 8h

So out of 27 cells, 18 were usable for the car. 67% success rate.

This sure is addictive Smile

Hey, nice progress :Smile Can you tell from what batteries came the panasonic NCR 18650's ... what voltage and what Wh or Ah was writhen on covers ::looking for thease .. they are the best Big Grin, also there is a green NCR with more capacity :Smile. have 6 of them with 3000+ capacity. Thanks
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Nice project, guess you will be happy after you get all the rust out of you life.

Quick question if you dont mine. What's the cell configuration you are planing to build? What range you are aiming for, what top speed you want to achieve?

Do you have an idea what motor will you be looking for? AC or DC. Will you be using the actual transmision or are you going without it?

Will you try to incorporate accessories to the motor. Seen some using doble shaft motors one end to the power train other side to power ac compresor, power brake, power steering, generator to charge cells for 12v supply to all need items like brake light and such.

Looking forward to your responce.

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