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Hey guys, by way of introduction, I'm gonna give you a wall of text - English major and it's been a while since I have invited myself into any kind of online community.

I'll be Nate, or Nathan, or Hey You, or whatever else you'd like to call me. I reside in Chadron, Nebraska in the United States. I'm nearing the end of my college career, getting a degree in English literature and writing, or "I didn't know what to be when I grew up so I picked the classes I hated least." I was very likely to end up grabbing a degree in IT, but my college canceled the IT program right before my first semester. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

So that's who I am. Of course, you guys probably would also like to know why I'm here:

My first experience with 18650 cells was with a high powered laser pointer that I got with my first-job-still-living-at-home leisure paycheck. Never thought much besides that it was mildly inconvenient to have to keep yet another charger for the weird big battery on top of my AA charger. More recently, I quit smoking and took up vaping, where 18650s are pretty much the standard, although they perform a bit better (and at a noticeably better cost, too) than any powerwall batteries generally need to do. Aside from using them in flashlights, lasers, and vapes, I have only so far taken one project with 18650s, in which I wired a pair in replacement of the stock battery from a discount bin bluetooth speaker (150 MaH to 2x 2100 MaH.) 

My current big project, which I'll share in more detail in the next couple days in the relevant subforum, is a solar battery backpack. Originally I just wanted an oversized version of a storebought portable cellphone charger, but unanticipated simplicity and low costs has driven me to add a couple features to it as I build. I have a 12.8V 20AH LiFeP04 battery, appropriate charge controller, inverter, solar pannel, etc, and all that's left on the project is to fabricate or modify an appropriate backpack to put it into. I deliberately designed this to be modular, anticipating maybe someday scaling it up to a house-sized system, but the cell I used is cost prohibitive. So then I started looking for similar things on youtube, one thing led to another, and here we all are.
Hi Nathan.. Now knowing you are an English major I'm going to get all self-conscious about my grammar and spelnig...

One thing does indeed lead to another, and with me it's very often a tune.


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