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TP5000 module review (and technical details)
(01-21-2020, 01:13 AM)rebelrider.mike Wrote: I often put 2 or 3 cells in parallel on the TP4056 boards. That way, each cell only sees 500 or 333 mA. I try to group them by similar Voltage. Keeps one from discharging into another, and hopefully, they'll be in about the same condition. Especially if they came out of the same battery. I imagine you could do the same with the TP5100.

Those tiny resistors are a challenge to get off. I've managed with a fine tip iron and tweesers. Not every attempt has been a success though. I've had to through out a few failures.

I hope things go well, whatever you do. Smile
Thanks Mike. This is a good suggestion, and I'll implement it. The road to a powerwall has been tough for me so far, but i'll get there
This goes for the TP4056, but can probably be applied to the TP5100, too: When I charge cells that I find in the 1.0V to 2.0V range, I wait until I get 4 within 0.05V of each other and put them in one of those 4 cell Blossom holders that is attached to the TP4056. I then get an old USB charger that was used for something like a bluetooth headset that has a limited output to 5V and 100mA and use that to charge the cells super slowly (around 25mA per cell), all the way through the charge cycle (takes forever). I have another USB charger that was limited to 5V and 600mA that I use with cells that I find between 2.0V and 2.5V (again in groups of 4). That's another way to limit the charge without having to change resistors on the boards.
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