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Sanyo UR18650FM Cell Specifications
Same here pulled a few dozen and all of them have the light blue isolater ring as well as the "UR18650FM" marking on the side.

Sanyo L
UR18650FM - Blue Islolater

I made friends with a connect at my job and was able to secure a steady supply of these Sanyo's with the blue ring. These came from a medical device battery pack. Usually they are setup in series and typically one out of two cells in the pack tests bad. (like 7maH bad)

I tested around 30 cells and have had 0 heat issues. The hottest coming out around 105* F. (40* C) Most averaging 90* F (32* C)

Average maH was around 2141 and a few tested around 1792.
More cyan-ringed "FM" ones here, with additional text below reading "M44A". Taken out of original Lenovo 7.14Ah battery, which makes them 2380mAh.
Hi I just registered to let you know that they 'should' be 2600mAh rated.

At least the ones I found in an old Laptop battery have '2.6Ah' embossed on the sleeve right next to to the name 'UR18650FM'.

However the sleeve is rather pinkish-red and the ring is a very dark blue, almost black.
So mine have a black ring but also have 2.6Ah stamped into em as well. So I'm fairly certain they're officially rated at 2600mAh.

(05-16-2018, 05:19 AM)Chablis_m Wrote: I also confirm the Lt blue ring

Confirmation from me too
With R1112
I know this is considered a "bad picture" but I can confirm the "FM" and blue ring. Tough angle to capture both.

Hi guys, I got some blue ring FM cells too, harvested them from a laptop battery (seee attached picture).

Tested with an Opus 2.2 they read around 2300 mAh, but the starting voltage was around 1.1 V so I guess they got quite worn though I managed to recharge them up to 4.18V.

Since laptops get hundreds of charging cycles before being trashed, I guess these cells' original capacity could have been above the 2300 mAh I read, maybe in the 2400-2900 range.
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Hi guys,

I retrieved 70 Sanyo UR18650FM (with the name printed in the plastic sleeve), mostly from Lenovo batteries. The ring was always cyan, while the plastic sleeve changes from dark to bright red. The best had 2.4 Ah at 1A discharge between 4.2 to 2.8 V at 28 °C. The UR18650FM is rated 2.6 Ah between 2.8 and 4.2 V in the paper "A Comparative Testing Study of Commercial 18650-Format Lithium-Ion Battery Cells" by V. Muenzel.

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