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How to suppress a lithium ion battery pack fire?

Here are the main components of my electric go kart... 

  • Brand new Samsung INR18650-25R cells (20Amps maximum continuous discharge)  
    Battery packs: Using the Samsung cells, I plan to have two separate 20S10P packs connected in parallel 
    Motor: 72V Motenergy Brushless Motor (ME0201014201). Continuous current - approximately 50 - 60 amps at 72V
    Charge Controller: Sabvoton (svmc72150) DC Current Limit: 100A

I know that lithium ion battery pack fires are very dangerous and almost impossible to extinguish. However, if I wrapped each battery pack in the following product, would this help “suppress” a battery pack fire so that the driver would have a few extra moments to  get away safely?[/size]

Basically each battery pack would be shrink wrapped like you see in the photo below and then wrapped in the fiberglass product as seen in the link above. Finally the entire set up would be placed into a metal casing which would serve as the battery holder.  Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
Tesla uses water cooling in their battery packs. Maybe add a shutoff function if temperature gets to high. Also place the batteries where they won't get damaged if a collision occurs. Using cell level fuses can greatly reduce the risk of fire (Tesla packs implement this).
Wrapping the cells in that stuff might be difficult because it is approximately 1.6mm thick.
I imagine that a metal case with a vent pointed away from the driver/rider would be sufficient.

Watch some YouTube videos from Daromer's channel. It does require some extreme conditions before a cell actually explodes.

I would imagine that if you had a properly vented battery box you would have plenty of time to dismount and escape.
Sealed Metal box is the best way to contain a fire. Not the best for cooling mind you. in RC I use a Old steel tool box and had one fire when a short happened inside the box. it got hot but the Flames were contained and it was over really quick.
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check out how this guy did his e go kart
I really appreciate all the great ideas. I will research each of the suggestions carefully. This is an awesome forum
The sheeting may act as a nice heat insulator and help wam the batteries up, only use it as a pack separator not fully wrapped.

Once a single cell goes into thermal ruaway the best approach is to try and contain the impact to prevent it spreading through the whole pack, i.e. design your pack in modules with separation and the vent routes external to the pack. i.e. there is no point of separation in a 3x3 grid if the central pack overheats and can't vent without going through the 8 surrounding packs.

Two or more long cases with two serial packs in each, venting to the sides, could work as an option....

Also, you could always put the whole lot in a single box and make the vent towards the back of the kart and quite small, that way if there is a fire during a race the jet of flame out the back will give a boost in speed. Big Grin
“Two or more long cases with two serial packs in each, venting to the sides, could work as an option....”

That is exactly what I’m planning on doing. The current plan is to have one battery pack on the left side and the other on the right side of the driver seat. This would provide some safety mechanism as discussed in your message and would also distribute the weight more evenly. Great idea

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