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Home PowerDrive V2 - Germany ** 33+ kWh ** Big Power ++
(06-22-2018, 11:54 AM)Walde Wrote:
(06-22-2018, 11:10 AM)cadric Wrote: Hey Walde,

I've also started with my Powerwall this year.
I see you got some e-bike batteries.
I also got some - Brand Fisher - like the left on on your picture.
Question: how do you get the cells out of the cage, as mine are not easy to dissassemble.
Additionlay, mine are flooded with some black rubberliquid, big mess to get rid of.
ATM I have to use mechanical force to get the cells out, but they loose their insulation with this methode.



Hi Walde

ich hab in diesem Jahr auch mit dem Bau einer Powerwall begonnen.
Ich hab auch einige e-bike Akkus, gleiche wie der Linke auf deinem Foto, Marke Fischer.
Frage: wie bekommst du die Zellen aus ihrem Käfig, ohne sie zu zerstören? Meine lassen sich nicht zerlegen.
Zusätzlich sind meine auch noch mit einer schwarzen, gummiartigen Flüssigkeit eingegossen, ziemiche Sauerei, die zu entfernen.
Zur Zeit entferne ich die Halter Pol für Pol mit einen Holzmeißel, um dann die Zellen, die Parallel geschaltet sind separat herauszutreiben.
Dabei verlieren sie natürlich ihre Isolierung.



Plastik Werkzeug und eine Kombizange und einen Seitenschneider + Lederhandschuhe / Schweißerhandschuhe

Plastic tool and a combination pliers and a side cutter + leather gloves / welder gloves

MfG Dirk
Hi Dirk,

thanks for your reply, but I was more interested, If you have a speciall solution to open the cages.
But I will ask in a seperate thread, for ideas. Thanks.

1. Grid-Tie System 09.2017 16,5kWp:  55 x 300Wp BenQ, SMA Tripower 15000-TL30 (18-east/17-south/20-south)
2. Offgrid System 09.2019 7,5 kWp: 25 x 300Wp Solarworld (5x( 3S + 2S )), 2x PIP-5048MS, Batrium WM4, 1st Battery Bank: 840 cells in 14S60P with 80Ah cap in use, 2nd Batterybank 840 cells in14S60P with 90Ah in use, more to be build.
the first 5 BMS boards ... made by yourself DIY

9 pieces are still missing ... Tomorrow we continue


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Three more finished now there are already 8 pieces.

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Impressive! Nice work bud
14 pieces ready Now the test runs can start with the battery packs

first test

it works !!! Big Grin
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Ok 14 modules are running now.
Unfortunately had 3 defective NTC.
Now let's see what the next 24 hours bring in the test run

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Update: 01.12.2018

EMONCMS on a Pi 3B with DIY BMS on test run

Test Pack 14S4P / 57,4v (4,1v/S1)

Load test with 60W *

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mining rig second housing conversion

-> 18650 Cell Mining Rig <-

I have to install the second and third loader then it should be 3x20 load units in the Mining Rig total for 60 cells 18650


14x 60er Pack 

Battery Type  LiIon 18650 (3.70v)
Num. Cells  840
Avg. Capacity  2461 mAh
Capacity 7.65 kWh
Condition Used/Recycled

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