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power cost in your area
(05-21-2018, 04:03 PM)Rad Wrote: Off peak AUD 0.15 per kWh
Shoulder AUD 0.24 per kWh
Peak AUD 0.54 per kWh
Daily access charge AUD 0.94

Australian dollars
Charges are based on time of day not volume

I have crazy high prices, they are one reason I am building my powerwall!

I pay about the same. 29c peak and 21c off peak. Access charge is slightly lower, can't remember exactly.

Australians pay a crazy price for electricity.
In Central NJ the rates with PSE&G is about .18/kwh with access charge of around $2.50/month. They have another plan where there's tiered peak/offpeak. .10/kwh offpeak, .27/kwh peak with access charge higher at $14/month.

What about folks with grid-tie systems? Do you sell at a different rate than what you buy at?
In Quebec, mine is:

Below 36kWh = 5,91 ¢/kWh

Above 36kWh = 9,12 ¢/kWh
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
In Malaysia here:

1st 200kwh = 0.218/kwh (US 0.054)
For the next 100 kWh (201 - 300 kWh) = 0.334/kwh (US0.083)
For the next 300 kWh (301 - 600 kWh) = 0.516/kwh (US0.129)
For the next 300 kWh (601 - 900 kWh) = 0.546/kwh (US0.137)
When I installed solar cells ten Yrs ago I was promised that I could use the grid for storage at no cost. That was because I did not receive any subsidies.

edit at Dec 28 2018:

The above is just going to be worse, but let me show You my latest Power Bill:

Preliminary payment for the period: 01.11.2018 - 31.01.2019 
Installation with PV panels. Max power under 6 KW
Expected consumption is based on last Years consumption:
All Fees are for 3 Months:

Basic Fee: 30,00 Kr. 
Local utility Fee: 107,08 Kr. 
Extra fee for PV customers: 16,26 Kr. 

Public trading Fee: 886 kWh a 0,0015 Kr. 1,34 Kr. 
Actual Power 886 kWh a 0,4373 Kr. 387,45 Kr. 
Transport fee, local utility 2.108 kWh a 0,1913 Kr. 403,25 Kr. 
Transport fee and fee to 886 kWh a 0,0800 Kr. 70,88 Kr. 
PSO tarif 886 kWh a 0,0940 Kr. 83,29 Kr. 
Electricity Tax 886 kWh a 0,9174 Kr. 812,80 Kr. 
VAT 25 % 478,09 Kr. 

Total due 2.390,44 Kr. for 886 KWh.

Price per KWh 2390,44/886 = 2.698 DKK = .36 € or $.42/Kwh

Can anyone beat that?

Here in France one has to rent the "access point" depending on maximum instant power.
For a 9kVA line I pay 125€/year plus ~0.15€/kWh
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$0.12/KWh in South Florida

We have cheap abundant Nuclear and Natural Gas power on the east coast of US so powerwalls aren't likely to pay themselves off quickly even here in sunny Florida. Different in Hawaii, California and (probably) Puerto Rico.
0,29 € Per kWh plus the connection fee.
Just north of Munich, Germany
Electricity Costs
All eligible customers are on the Time of Use Regulated Price Plan*

These rates are normally set at the Provincial level by the Ontario Energy Board twice yearly: May 1 and November 1.

OFF peak $ 0.065 / kWh
MID peak $ 0.094 / kWh
ON peak $ 0.132 / kWh TOUclocksLinear.jpg

These rates are valid May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019

Network & Connection $ 0.0113 / kWh
Distribution Charge
-Regulated Price Plan customers $ 0.0031 / kWh
Distribution Charge
-NON Regulated Price Plan customers $ 0.003 / kWh
Monthly Fixed Charge $ 22.80 / month
Regulatory Charges
Current Market Service Charge came into effect July 1, 2017.

Market Service Charge $ 0.0039 / kWh
Supply administration charge for customers who buy their electricity through Thunder Bay Hydro $ 0.25/month
******Hi My name is Jason and I have SOCD (Solar Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)*******
Current Powerwall - 1400 Cells 7s200p (modular 40p packs) ~ 12kWh of storage     4x 315W Canadian Solar Panels

Working on the next 7s40p packs     ~2.5kWh

Waiting on 2000 Cells of unused Sony vt4 (2000mah 30A) ~ 15kWh      hehehehehe  More Power
for me... UK £0.11 per kWh (about $0.14) but we also have a service charge of £0.11 per day too i used to think this was high too but lots of people paying more than me in UK.
I get paid £0.14 per kWh I generate with my solar PV

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