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power cost in your area

Not as far as I am informed. Prices are formed by the tariffs negotiated on Northpool, and they have been as high as € .11 / KWh.

Want to see the current tariffs, less taxes, look here:


Denmark must be one of the lowest in europe.
Uk one of the most expensive ones in europe.
Either way for most europeans they would be better of building/buy a system (prived for Holland and spain! don't tell!) solar related.
One pound was 1,15 euro!?!?
one dollar was 90 euro cents
So one pound will be 1 dollar 30?!?!?!
UK is really expensive.

+1 also for the bottomline of offgrid in the city

Best and stay well
For me (nearly Boston) price is about .11c/kwh Undecided
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(05-17-2019, 05:21 PM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: Denmark must be one of the lowest in europe.

Please go back in the thread and read my electricity bill.

"Total due 2.390,44 Kr. for 886 KWh."

1 € is 7.50 DKK. this means that I pay .36€ or $.40 / KWh.

Really? Do You think this is the lowest electricity price in Europe?

I do not think so.

Please tell me the amount on Your latest electricity bill and the number of KWh You were charged for.

Sorry for the late reply, did not notice, sorry.
(Bad Igor, Bad Igor, Bad Igor Sad )

11.000 kwh at 1950E a year, 80% is for the fricking pond!
And every year the prices increase, but so is my income.

But you also get tax back, but bottomline after all:
So it will be 0,17.7 without tax or use of the grid tie or whatsoever.
All include: tax, use of grid, connection ect: 0,23.4 cents for a kwh.

My supplier: Greenchoise.

On top of that the grid connection!! 0,70 cents A DAY
The grid owner: NUON

TLDR: Try to be as efficient as possible.
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!

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