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Got Valence u1-12rt cheap, Now what, Help
(11-24-2019, 04:50 AM)chewface Wrote: Hi,
I recently bought 2 used Valence U1-12RT lithium batteries to begin my learning journey towards building an off-grid system. Both batteries seem to be working fine. Their BMS should be ok since they were formerly used in a hospital medical device environment. 

My question is whether they can be charged in parallel using a 12 V (automobile) battery charger without having to buy an expensive outboard BMS?  If this is possible, I'm thinking about adding 2 more batteries in parallel to increase storage capacity.  Would an outboard BMS be required for this case?  Grateful for any expert advice.

Hi, the RT Series has a full featured BMS included. When you connect them in series you need the U-BDI as he controls the inter Battery balancing.
In Parallel no external device is needed and intra battery balancing is done from the BMS.

Most people don't differentiate the different Valence battery models, and due to this many wrong informations are all over in the www.

XP Series = you need an external Box from Valence, which is hard to come by
RT Series = All included for parallel connection, for serial buy the U-BDI per line.

In general a good Battery. The charger should be cc cv and the max voltage should be 14.6v and less than 20 amps (per battery).
No special charging algorithm is needed, as the internal BMS is doing this part.

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