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Into me from Western Australia
I have a 650 watt solar 24v x 200 amp hour Ritar off grid system that i threw together hastily and have been working with it for the last two years. I am looking to upgrade to something more comfortable both in dwelling (caravan) and all tbe other techy stuff. I have a mate who has an utterly insane idea aboutbuilding Monopan cravan where Both Sides  extend  along the entire lenght of the van. Yup I thought he was cracking up on me till he showed me the beer mat sketch.

I am into Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, Aircraft and Earth Scinces. Me mate is a coded welder. 

I am very pro recycling but have seen lots of time squandered on inefective hippie feel good projects. Its kinda cute when in works. Sould destroying when the hobbyist cocks up the engineering and ends up with a pile of trash. 

That said i have very sucessfully repurposed industrial waste to huge cost savings. 

I am very wary of folks who have no experice with a technology become instant eyeball engineering experts without even doing any preliminary prototyping. Even worse when any What If workshop chat is called Hate Speech. Estabished Methods are that way for a reason and if you are going to break away from the pack you better understand what the rules youbare breaking are why they are there. I have seen blokes killed from misguided efforts at showing the experts how it's done.

We do have a budget and have better things to do than fidding about in the basement. Where me and my mate are very different from the rest of the mob is our sense of engineering aesthetic. He builds very light FPV model aircraft and custom truck cabs and racing cars. I build sports aircraft fom aluminium sheet. 

When we look at conventional caravans we just go  No Monopan idea will struggle with the weight of this. I think in terms of a Vieneese 1890s Avaition steam punk using modern materials. 

Neither of us are wage slaves at the moment and are really just playing with ideas. I have money to spend but I dont want to waste it. 

I am at the preliminary research stage.

THX in advance.  Rolleyes

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