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My "Batterywall" project from Puerto Rico
Composed by 3,360 samsungs 18650 2600mah cells, all of them manufactured on May 2017, so basically new when I get them on December 2017. 
At the moment I'm building the wall cabinet for them that will be measuring 48"Wide x 72"Height x 8"Deep with an 11.1" touchscreen tablet on the front to show the Batrium Watchmon Toolkit and the Schneider Combox data. Right now I'm running the system with 10Kwh of batteries on a table waiting for the cabinet to install all of the 30Kwh on the wall.
Here's some pictures of the project:

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I'm impressed, so many same battery packs and dan still as new.

For which devices were the battery packs.
And how did you get the quantity of the same batteries? Auction House, Classifieds?

Wishes succeed.

Greetings Dirk
Very nice setup. Like the date calc too. Everything looks very professionally done. Cool
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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Pink for the win!
Arrow  See My DIY PowerWall Build here Arrow
This pleases my eyes Big Grin
Thanks guys
wow! how did I miss this build!
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Hi Bertin_S2000, where does your copper tube come from ?
I am looking for a similar tube for my next setup.
Batteries harvested: 2344 / Usable batteries: tbd (TBD%)

Cells tested: 1996 (Average: 1668 mAh) / Cells in production: 0 (00 %)

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