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Moped Battery Build
This may be helpful
Thanks, Spinningmagnets!

I finishing up my final battery configuration. I figured out I needed higher thickness for nickel strips. I got .3mm thick by 8mm wide to handle the higher 13.9amps that each cell can use.

I also got a 20s7p 72v -100amp BMS. Below is what I am thinking of doing for my moped. I already have to have a specific size for the battery compartment. So I have to create the two 10s packs in series for 20s configuration. I have it separated by a 1/8inch foam sheet and then the BMS will be on top of it. My questions are:
  • What gauge wire should go between the positive and negative from one cell to the other to complete the other? It's about 7inches or 200mm from the front and back? The other wire that goes to the controller is only 10 gauge that came with the Golden motor. Would I be ok with 10 Gauge wire?
  • Will I be ok with the eva foam I bought to go around the pack to separate the two 10s packs from touching? Would you wrap each of them and then solder the BMS in?
Below is my image for what I'm thinking. The other image is my 30Q's together


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