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The Jehu PCB v1.1 Testing and Review thread
It's 2 layers - don't worry about how many individual files there are. You don't have to extract the zip. Just upload the entire zip file to JLCPCB. It will be automatically extracted and they sort out the individual files.
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(11-11-2018, 04:17 PM) Korishan Wrote: This PCB is only 2 layers. Top/Bottom layer for traces. There are no middle traces.  So selecting 2 layers would suffice. Also, anything over 2 layers starts to get pricey

Unless the gerber is also referring to the silk screening and labels (?)

Ordered everything, thanks. One point, I've seen  that to get 51.8V battery Jehu connected the two 25.9V packs in serial wiring the Hex brass Standoff together. Wouldn't it be better to connect the two 25.9V packs via a wire like this? (Of course with more appropriated AWG wires and XT90).

That is how I do it... I have a series cable made using my Anderson connectors to go from 24v to 48v...  It’s pretty convenient way to go about it from a maintenance and versatility standpoint.  It's also useful for other things like putting a multimeter inline for current readings.

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